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  1. I think you may have missed one of Moqorro's visions. He says that he has seen a vision about Victarion: "You come striding through the flames stern and fierce, your great axe dripping blood, blind to the tentacles that grasp you at wrist and neck and ankle, the black strings that make you dance." Presumably a reference to the ties which Euron (a kraken who would have tentacles) has attached to Victarion -- including the dusty woman and perhaps the maester -- which make Victarion do what Euron wants him to do without Victarion realizing it. ETA: Though Euron may well not be the only one who pulls Victarion's strings. Moqorro himself is a possible candidate himself, so the vision might be about him too.
  2. [quote name='RWHamel' post='1461822' date='Jul 30 2008, 11.43']Some time has past. At least 6 months, maybe more after ACoK, at least according to Theon. Also it's after the false Arya has been sent North. Also it seems strange that the Umbers are siding with the Boltons, since the Greatjon trusted his Uncles enough that he left them joint castellans of Last Hearth. But the description does match better.[/quote] 6 months may have passed between the end of ACoK and the Reek chapter, but Jorah was dismissed at the end of ASoS. So take away the duration of ASoS from these 6 months and you're not left with enough time for Jorah to travel across half the world. As for the Umbers, the Greatjon is a hostage. His uncles may not have much of a choice for the moment. It's also quite possible that they are less than honorable and/or that they think the Boltons are a better option than the Ironborn, Stannis or a fractured North warring among itself with winter coming.
  3. [quote name='RWHamel' post='1461745' date='Jul 30 2008, 09.54']I don't know. Jorah might have aged, and wouldn't Whoresbane wear his house's heraldry. Something Jorah might not be willing to do at this time. Also, didn't Barristan seem to find Danny fairly fast. In the same respect it's possible that Jorah got back to Westeros.[/quote] Jorah isn't gaunt. He doesn't have flinty eyes IIRC. He isn't really old enough to be regarded as "old", nor was there time to grow a long white beard. In contrast, Whoresbane has actually been described as gaunt with a long white beard and wearing bearskin. There was no mention of him wearing his House heraldry when he visited Winterfell too. Besides, it's doubtful that Jorah could have travelled back in time. He was dismissed at the end of ASoS and this chapter is from the start of ADwD, which continues from ASoS and not AFfC. [quote]What house is Whoresbane from again?[/quote] His real name is Hother Umber. He is an uncle of the Greatjon.