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  1. I agree, I think it's pretty well expected that Robert Arryn isn't going to live very long.
  2. The theory is that it's such a horrible marriage on the face of things that everyone, with of the exception of seemingly Harry himself, knows Alayne is actually Sansa. The heir to the Vale, the maybe future Lord Arryn, wouldn't marry some bastard girl, no matter how much money Lady Waynwood owes.
  3. The Broke Howard Hughes

    Why do book readers hate R+L=J?

    I don't think this remotely true. I believe its been discussed in the fandom for so long that it's taken as fact now and isn't all that interesting anymore. Another thing is with the popularity of the TV series people constantly talk about it as if they're the first to figure it out. Which is annoying. When I first read the series I didn't catch it. Later, on a fan site I saw the theory and was like wait, what? It's not that people hate it, they've just known for twenty years and it's not a big deal anymore.
  4. The Broke Howard Hughes

    Unpopular Opinions?

    Tyrion. Yeah, not that impressed.
  5. The Broke Howard Hughes

    War gainst the north

    Yeah, invading and fighting would be the easy part strangely enough. Trying to usurp the rule of Lords most people LIKE and not just respect and fear would be difficult. Surviving a Northern winter without generations of wisdom handed down through the years to help you would be almost impossible. If your plan is to simply destabilize the place great, kill everyone important then go home. If you're trying to implant someone loyal to YOU, that' going to be a lot harder.
  6. The Broke Howard Hughes

    Tywin's corpse?

    I'm stealing this so I can't properly credit the person who said it first. But on top of GRRM being ambiguous about the poisoning I think it was a metaphor for how rotten a person Tywin was at the core. And it's meant as a final slight from the Gods, no matter what he did in life the respect he so desperately craved escapes him.
  7. The Broke Howard Hughes

    how many Vassals Houses do each Great House have in Westos?

    There is no real way of knowing this. Surely each house, even minor houses, has landed knights sworn to him. Every book another pops up. My guess, of varying sizes, at least a hundred. From large houses like Bolton, to small (game canon houses) like Forrester, to newly made like Seaworth, to mere nameless landed knights. No way to know but likely at least a hundred. Probably hundreds.
  8. The Broke Howard Hughes

    War gainst the north

    A large enough army, well trained and strategically placed, could definitely take the North. Holding it however is another matter. Roose is learning the hard way that just because someone says you're in charge doesn't mean you actually are. A Southern army can take the North but a Southern Lord can't hold it. Anyone trying to take it would need the help of a Northern house to hold it but any Northern Lord who helps would lose the respect of the North making it almost impossible for them to rule.
  9. The Broke Howard Hughes

    Wait. so why was Jon called the "White Wolf"?

    I think everyone would know Jon has a white direwolf. That strikes me as the sort of cool nugget of information everyone would know about the Starks. My problem is it seemed to come from nowhere. They should have at least showed us Ghost, so we'd make the mental connection. Of course we get it, but it seemed forced without Ghost being right there at Jon's feet.
  10. The Broke Howard Hughes

    If Jon becomes King , who will be his Queen ?

    I would love for it to be Val.
  11. The Broke Howard Hughes

    What's the basis for Cersei's claim to the Iron Throne?

    Her basis is pure delusion. Sure you can sit the Iron Throne, but 5 of the seven Kingdom's have left the realm, the Riverlands are in revolt and The Storm lands don't even have a Lord. Not to mention by the look on Jamie's face he's got one foot out the door already himself.
  12. The Broke Howard Hughes

    Which minor character's death hit you the most?

    Dacey Mormont. For some reason her death is worse than Robb's to me. You just know she was proud to have earned a place at Robb's side. Being there, holding her own and being accepted amongst the men had to be huge. Had everyone lived and made it home she would have been the sort of woman female Lords looked to for generations. Imagine her telling her granddaughters how she served during the war protecting the King.
  13. The Broke Howard Hughes

    why was Ladystoneheart cut out

    To make more room for Sansa in Winterfell.
  14. You like battle threads?