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  1. Tywin's Honour

    How would you rate episode 310?

    8/10. By Poseidon's Trident, that end scene was godawful.
  2. Tywin's Honour

    How would you rate episode 309?

    I gave it a 7/10. Although I may be criticised, I felt that the scene didn't carry the emotional weight of the book. It would be nigh impossible to accurately convey the impending dread of Cat via her inner monologues. Particularly with her astute understanding of Grey Wind's apprehension. The lack of buildup for Robb's bannermen really hurt the scene, I feel. I always got the impression that Frey's great hall was actually much larger and subsequently, more were slaughtered. The amount depicted here was of the number expected at a regular house party. As aforementioned, I missed the table flipping whilst protecting Robb. Such an action imparted so much credence upon Robb's leadership and the loyalty of his men. On the plus side, Cat's despair was portrayed perfectly. Would have liked the face raking. But overall, well done. My phone went off as soon as the episode finished by all my non-reader friends expressing their bewilderment and the "bullshit" of it all.
  3. Tywin's Honour

    How would you rate episode 306?

    7/10. Just meh. Obviously a step ladder for further episodes. Mel's prophecy was perhaps the most intriguing. Do D&D know something we don't by having Mel telling Arya that they would meet again? Curious that.
  4. Tywin's Honour

    How would you rate episode 305?

    I do believe that Shireen alludes to it in her scene with Stannis. They show the Table in season two when Stannis is dictating the letter to be sent across the realm regarding the Incestwins and their bastards. Also, the Table is shown from a top-down perspective when Melisandre 'seduces' Stannis.
  5. Tywin's Honour

    How would you rate episode 305?

    7/10 Bryan Cogman remained as true to the books as any episode preceding this, IMO. I just felt that it lacked the oomph that the previous episode had. - NCW and Christie's chemistry continues to be the standout of the season thus far. - As opposed to some, I rather enjoyed Arya's softer side. Although it is absent from the books, the "I can be your family" line to Gendry really encapsulates Arya's innermost desire to once again belong. Both in the books and the series, I feel. Something was in my eye during that scene. Must have been dust... - Tywin's smackdown of his ungrateful children was well done. I can't say I imagine book Tywin every raising his voice, though. His green and gold-speckled glares often are sufficient for quelling any rebellions. - I can't say I'm enjoying the direction that Stannis, and now Selyse (minus the mo'), is going. Additionally, Selyse takes infidelity and 'children' out of wedlock particularly well. So in conclusion, a solid episode. Just lacking the finale of its predecessor to elevate it into the stratosphere.
  6. Tywin's Honour

    How would you rate episode 304?

    9/10, bordering on a flawless 10/10 - Jamie and Brienne's amazing chemistry continues - The subtle manipulation of Joffrey by Margaery was well executed. - NW scene was exactly how I envisioned it - Astapor... need I say more? I actually got out of my seat when Dany asked "Is it done?". Liked the butting of the spears, too. - Pod is indeed the proverbial stud. Sure, why not. - QoT excellent as per usual. Good interaction with Varys. - Even though Dondarrion was not how I pictured him aesthetically, he possessed a certain charisma and presence. Unlike Mance... - Only downside was the continued evolution of Ros. The woman is portrayed as more of a Player than many of the protagonists. Intelligence and cunning on par or superior to that of Varys? Utter nonsense.
  7. Tywin's Honour

    How would you rate episode 303?

    A good solid 9/10. No real weakness to the episode. - Blackfish seems to be perfect casting. Exactly as I envisioned him. Edmure was played well, but slightly more of a doofus than I had imagined. - The banter between Dany, the slavers, Mormont, and Barristan was adequately executed, I felt. Missandei, although significantly aged up, plays the demure, innocent 'child' with some ability. - The small council meeting was... odd. I was under the impression that there was going to be some particular reason for having Tywin standing there waiting for everyone to arrive, as well as the arrangement of chairs, but no. There wasn't. - I actually didn't mind the loss of Pod's innocence scene as some others have. I've come to expect a moment of comedic respite in all the episodes, and this was it. - I'm a bit unsure as to the overall purpose of the horse heads arrangement in the wildling arc. On first impression, it appears to be waste of time by the Others to put so much effort into such an intricate warning, when the wildlings are already terrified. Despite not having much information about the Others in the books, I sincerely doubt that they would do such a thing. Perhaps just a dramatic piece. - Thoros of Myr does indeed to be an amalgamation of Tom 'O Sevens, etc. I like. - Horny Stannis was amazeballs! And the looks Mel gave him after the "I want you" was hilarious. Dashing his hopes like a love-struck teenager.
  8. Tywin's Honour

    How would you rate episode 302?

    I gave it a 5/10. I felt that although the Jamie and Brienne interaction was rather faithful to the book, the fight scene was awful. Personally, I believe it looked amateurish and unpolished. Somewhat unexpected from a serious with such a generally high standard and attention to detail. Furthermore, seeing as Jamie is one of my favs, I took particular offence at the manner in which his formidable swordsmanship was depicted. Book Brienne struggles to face Jamie, and she herself reflects that she would not have stood a chance against an unbound and healthy KIngslayer. However, she handles him like he was some cocksure hedge knight. Cat reminiscing over Jon's pox felt a tad forced IMO, and didn't serve much overall purpose as it is made abundantly clear, both in the series and the books, that Cat despises Jon. I guess they wanted to have a bonding moment between the mother and spouse of the King in the North. Lastly, I wasn't much of the fan of the way Tyrion was presented around Shae. He looked like a helpless, horny teenager beside Shae, spurting out empty threats and smiling like a choir boy. Although, Shae is manipulative in the books, it seemed a bit of overkill on screen.
  9. Tywin's Honour

    How would you rate episode 301?

    As seems to be the norm, I gave the show 8/10. The Tyrion/Tywin scene is one of my personally favourites from the book and I was somewhat skeptical of how it would be portrayed on screen. Thankfully, it was performed seamlessly with Dance coldly irate, whilst Dinklage almost overpoweringly sympathetic. Most other facets of the episode were moderately well done. As already aforementioned by others, I didn't really care for the opening scene. I continue to be surprised as to how much screen time Ros gets. Like, really? Oh, and Stannis with a beard = awesome personified.