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  1. Well, I say obscure, I'm actually smack-bang in the heart of England, it just seems that no-one I've ever come across has heard of Corby (or Northamptonshire for that matter - I do worry about people's sense of their own country's geography sometimes). But yes, the name is Welsh, it's the from first tale in the medieval Welsh Mabinogion. Oh, and also - thanks for the welcome!
  2. Hi everyone, I've been a regular lurker on the board for about 3 years now, and been a member for about 2 under different names, so I thought it was about time for an intro. I'm from an obscure part of the UK though spend most of my time in Leeds now... oh, and I bloody love ASOIAF. Haven't contributed an awful lot, and I haven't even written anything in the ASOIAF subforums, pretty much been exclusively in general chatter and literature most of the time. Though that might change as I did spot what I think was an reference to Chaucer while re-reading ACOK the other day, so might have to add that to the homage thread... Anyway, just glad to be a very small part of a great online community :)
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