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  1. re what Duckfield said above (August 6 - do D&D still browse this thread...) I was wondering the same thing. GRRM referred to his contacts with Elio G in a recent interview (with Conan O'Brien) so there is still some tenuous connection to the show there... Would Elio/Ran have any thoughts on whether D&D access the site ? (or why perhaps they no longer do?). It would be really interesting to have them back occasionally - if not as 'posters' (maybe that's too fraught and intensive?) then perhaps just to publish a set 'explanation' piece, exploring why they adapted the stories from the book in the way they have for TV series thus far (And , yes, I daresay they have given various explanations already in a host of interviews scattered everywhere - but I just thought - as they seem to have originally started this thread - it would be nice, and timely, to have them back on here, to give an update from their perspective now that they are, in effect, mid way through the TV version of the whole saga. (Of course - if they have already done this somewhere, here or eslewhere, please do indicate where ! Thanks!
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