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    emergency medicine (nurses aid in ER, going to nursing school, plan to go to paramedic school), reading, hiking, rock climbing, biking, cooking, eating, sleeping, drinking coffee
  1. direwolf

    References and Homages

    remember the TV show Twin Peaks? there were minor characters, the Martell family (I think it was just a husband and wife, don't remember). Could be a coincidence...
  2. direwolf

    References and Homages

    dont watch that show, but its probably more likely the reference
  3. direwolf

    References and Homages

    What about "Darkstar" from Feast? Also the name of a Grateful Dead song. If GRRM is a fan, it is certainly an homage. Or he may of just liked the name, or it could be a coincidence. Does anyone know if George likes the Dead?