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  1. Did you actually see him fighting...he was demolishing people? I seem to remember even the great Jaime Lannister got disarmed and captured at Whispering Wood. No matter how good you are you can still be taken down..we've seen that numerous times...Barristan Selmy injured at the Trident, Jaime captured, Arthur Dayne killed.
  2. If they prop it open then the NW could have destroyed it and shut the gate...they thought they had 1000 men remember...they weren't to know the NW wouldn't surge into the tunnel and burn the tree or whatever they had holding it. If they pull the gate completely off then there's nothing the NW can do to fix it before Mance gets through. The only thing better than a gate being held open is no gate at all.
  3. The mammoth was actually trying to remove the gate for good, the giant just lifted it enough to let himself in so he could get through to CB. Their success depended on getting through the gate, the mammoth was gone so the next best thing is to get through the gate himself and help on the other side and eventually winch the gate up if they win.
  4. Spit in Styr's face while fighting like he learned from karl Tanner maybe.
  5. Quite a difference between brutalising peasants in KL and facing a hardened wildling army with giants and mammoths.
  6. Seriously man, we know you're leading Stan's van here but you don't need to personally engage every poster that found the episode good or that criticise the Stannis hardliners.
  7. It's not a battle though, there is no fighting going on. That''s why when the horn is blown Jon looks up, because it's out of the blue. Jon and Mance are not teaming up in the show..he clearly states that he is 'going to kill every last man at CB'.
  8. Well as I said on another thread it's either that or they join together to fight a third party. I don't think Brienne is actually after the Hound in the show.
  9. That's all one scene, Brienne confronts the Hound, you can tell it's her armour.
  10. It's months after the RW when we see LS. Thoros just tells you they found her 3 days later. When we see her she'll already be back alive.
  11. There's no battle when he arrives..who would they have been fighting..Jon goes alone in the books. He is treating with Mance and he hears a horn then Stannis crashes through.
  12. Exactly..as Jon said..they will hit them again tomorrow night. Tywin definitely gets it this season.
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