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  1. Starkbringer

    The Valenquor

    OK, I looked up Valonquar in the Dothraki dictionary and it says valonqar [va'loɴqar] n. 1aq. younger brother[220]; younger male cousin by father's brother or mother's sister[45]. I have no doubt that if the Winds of Winter was out now that this would have been mentioned/ discussed because I believe the gender neutral thing is relevant. If Valonquar simply means younger sibling and not just little brother then it changes the entire idea of who ultimately kills Cersei. Thank you.
  2. Starkbringer

    The Valenquor

    I was reading some ASOIAF material and thinking about Cersei's prophecy when something struck me as very strange and I wanted to share it. If one of the many brainiacs on this site has already covered this then please pardon me and please guide me to the thread. Anyway, Maggi the Frog speaks to Cersei in the common tongue for the entire prophecy and yet uses a high valerian word to describe her killer. Why is that? Why not say the little brother? Now I know this is mixing but in Season 7, Missandel is explaining to Daenerys that some high valerian words can be either / both the masculine and feminine such as Azor Ahai could be either the prince or princess that was promised. So is there a high valerian word for younger sister or younger sibling? If not, then this could open a huge can of possible killers, most likely Arya.
  3. Starkbringer

    The Heresy Project: Tywin + Lyanna = Dead Girl

    Well I think it is interesting. Since no one other then GRRM himself really knows what happened, all theories are possible. I don't believe that Robert would have been involved though. I like the thoughts on Tywin though. This does sound like something he would plan.
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