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  1. Wow just wow. ..I actually felt bad for talisa and robb, omg I was praying arya got greywind free so he could've atleast gotten some freys and that part left me feeling even worse. Gotta love roose popping in like the dude in the chappelle show skit making fun of the real world and giving robb a drive by stabbing... I loved it and hated it at the same time just like my exwife lol
  2. I love that scene with pod, bron and tyrion. One of the funniest moments since tyrion hoped cersei ate the turtle soup he jacked off in lol. That and the end was great. Blackfish is awesome
  3. Gave it a 6. Idk why they continue to change things that would translate well to the screen. I mean mwnce/jon interaction was lackluster at most, though tywin/tyrion was awesome. And y couldn't sam get the ravens off, what was the purpose of that change? I did like the setup with roose/karstark which makes u feel something is being built up, especially with tywins letter. But the way they mess with littlefingers character makes little to no sense. Wheres the subtleness of the character. I love the show just sometimes I smh and ask y?
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