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  1. Tyrion Lannister: Jeffery Hudson Why? Hudson was appointed Captain of Horse by Queen Henrietta Maria. He was proud of this, and when William Crofts mocked him, he killed him in a duel. Following this, he was exiled from England. Duels had been outlawed by France, and the Queen needed no war with them after their recent Civil War. After which he was enslaved by pirates. Following being freed, he was imprisoned for being a "Roman Catholick". 2 years after, he died in complete mystery. Tyrion Lannister was made Hand of the King and fought at Blackwater and made the chain of Constantinople King's Landing Following provocation, he killed Tywin Lannister. He was also accused of killing Joffrey Lannister, and fled the country Following which, Tyrion was enslaved for a short time. ???Will Tyrion's Lannister background impede any attempt at returning to Westeros??? ???Mystery??? Edit: I would reveal The Mountain... but that might spoil the books for you.
  2. I'm surprised so many are upset with Brienne. We had earlier this season Jaime calling her too much man for Renly, and IIRC constantly harassing her for being a woman and a warrior, as if being a woman is so contrary to being a warrior. So she throws it back in his face. Or, that's how I interpreted it.
  3. I think they use it more to relate to being treacherous, if it at all.
  4. Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7XUz6Xnzlg Start at about 6:39 I'd say.
  5. I think I'll give it a 9. Faster pace and big moments making it better than my rating for ep1, which I gave an 8. However, l can't give it a 10 like I did ep2, for the same reasons as ep1; character assassination. This time Stannis instead of LF.
  6. :laugh: Yeah, still confused here too... See, it's that 'biological advantage' that's why he's climbing the wall. When he reaches the top, he'll turn round, loose his member, and all the Wildlings will climb up it. Lot easier than lugging ropes and ladders. These are mysteries to me as well 5. Inorite? As bad as LF's portrayal in E1. 6. :laugh:
  7. Ah thanks for informing me. I'm still confused why the corpses ended up so artistically sorted at the end, whether whites or wights be behind it, but I suppose it's not a big thing.
  8. The Good Rhaegar died line was done well. Theon setup was excellent. I saw that as clearly, you run you get raped so don't make me do it, threat in the motion. I enjoyed everything about Dany. 'Yes, all men must die. But we're not men.' Winterhell. Ned's Winter Hell. Thanks. Meereneese Knot. Thanks again. @Maxime, the Meereneese Knot was a writing issue GRRM had with making ADWD, and caused the book to take far longer to make than he hoped for. Tormund climbing the wall. I KNEW IT! You know why he's climbing the wall. Cause he'll turn around, unzip his smallcloth, and the wildlings will climb up his Member! I knew it! Game of Chairs. Great way to show Cersei thinking herself as Tywin come again, and Tyrion's loathing of the man, while being the same. Both are heads of the table. Well done. We'll miss you Hot Pie! :bawl: Jeyne Westerling and the Lannister boy... thick with Karstark foreshadowing. That and the boy saying the things show Arya said, and in the books, what the Freys will say. Craster's Piggy line. Not in the books IIRC, but it seems to be his level of Cras. Podrick the sexy bitch. I felt bad for Jaime. Howdafuck did the show make me feel bad for Jaime? The books couldn't. I'm shocked still. The Bad This episodes portrayal of Stannis is possibly as bad as the first episode's portrayal of Littlefinger. However, he is gonna come to the rescue for the NW, so I'm hoping they're setting up to twist the audience's perception. Edmure and Blackfish. Not saying much more than that. Why the girl that Cersei threaten not hurt? Not a big thing, but seems odd, to skip showing the vileness of Tywin Lannister. Why are wights artists now (the bodies)? Not a big deal again, but kinda just silly.
  9. This, this was the season opener. I had a good feeling about this episode from the 30 second shot of Jaime, Brienne, and 'the Throne of cocks', and I rarely have good feelings :drunk: Mance was better, starting to make him greater. Queen of Thorns was terrific. Just pure amazing. Joff and Margery were excellent. Bran and Jojen were great. Jaime and Brienne were just amazing. Theon and his 'helper' was pure win. *Arya threatening the BWB was very booklike, which my Puritan friend immensely enjoyed. *Arya, the Hound, and the BWB was exceptional, moves the story along perfectly. *Tyrion and Shae, yes, slowed it down, but I didn't pay it any mind, especially since it nods at Tyrion's perversions to Sansa in the book. Similar to the nose last episode, I thought. That said, I enjoyed it. I even liked Catelyn. Why? :agree: Notice how Robb seems like a chump, arguing amongst his subordinates, compared to ASOS? They're switching the pity roles, imo Edit: Added more favorite scenes. Everything about this episode was what should open the series, so I'm dubbing the last episode as Season 2.5, and this as Season 3. I'm extremely disappointed there is no number above 10 to vote for, so I'll make due with 10.
  10. Okay, I admit it, the 'Translated by Bing' made me laugh my ass off.
  11. It's an opener, so I suppose it can't be too amazing. But I'll be damned if the Lannisters didn't steal the show! The Iron Throne just aint enough for them, is it? Srsly, 10/10 just for them! Harrenhall should prove an interesting fork in the road for our perception of Robb's justice against Catelyn, and other diverges between Book and Show Robb. Should be fun. Littlefinger and Sansa creeped me out. Maybe it's because I like evil LF. All in all the Lannisters destroyed all other actors. I'd give it a 10 just for them, and I actually enjoyed the Robb counter perspective. Hell, I loved Barriston and the girl, I almost died laughing! Mance was amazingly dissapointing, and I didn't even care for him as a character. Disliked Stannis himself sentencing Davos, and confuses me as to why they went this direction when Stannis turns around and... well, that would be telling eh? Littlefinger and Sansa really destroyed the episode for me though, simplification or not :( So, 8/10.
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