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    How would you rate episode 403?

    This one was a 9 for me. Tyrion & Pod, Tywin & Tommen, Tywin & Oberyn, Littlefinger & Sansa all were really great scenes. I also liked the ending, although the fight could have been a little more entertaining. But nevermind, it shows that Daario is super badass. Sam's scenes sucked a little though.
  2. holy fucking shit, that was so awesome. gave me geesebumps. still does. best moment of the season so far. and of course not the only awesome moment in this episode. varys & tyrion, cersei and tywin. ramsay!! that was a 10/10, no doubt!
  3. libertine

    [TWoW Spoilers] Barristan

    First of all, I love this forum. Been reading your theories for a while now and decided, I should start participating a little, although I don't have any revolutionary crackpot-theories (yet). ;) And excuse my English. I think, I'm doing fine, but it still is just a second language. In my opinion, it's pretty clear that Barristan won't survive the battle of Meeren. As far as we know from this (part-)chapter, everything seems to be going really well. And that's exactly when things start to go really bad for GRRM-Characters. As much as I'd love to see Ser Grandfather surviving this, i just don't believe it. Moreover, i think that Victarion will disappear as a POV. Euron is playing him somehow, we can take that for granted. What interests me the most, is what's gonna happen to Tyrion. I just have no idea, how his storyline is going to develop. But he's eventually gonna end up with Dany, since Quaithe warned her about the Lion. Anyways, so looking forward to the battle of Meeren with Dragons, Unsullied, Ironborn, Slavers, Dothraki, a fleet of sellswords from Volantis and lots of other sick shit going on. Maybe reading through all that boring Meeren stuff was worth it after all. :)