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  1. Really not liking Brans TV arch with Lock in the middle of it .....I guess it makes for good television ....I'd thought we'd see bloodraven but instead we see the night king.....interesting as Martin hasn't even gotten to them in the books
  2. They Twin/Oberyn scene was the best of the episode.....the Sam scenes were blahhhh.....I would have liked to have seen the scene where Littlefinger tells Sansa about the true poisner of Geoffry....Aria scenes were also very blehhhh.....and too bad they cut out the big Eunich....
  3. He never gets to become a man in the books either....he dies a man maid.....
  4. Charles Dance is just an awsome Tywin Lannister..... his scene with the Red Viper was epic......setting the groundwork for whats to come.....and again they're white washing Stannis......but Geoffrey's death was worth the wait .....and Jaimie's concern for the king is meh....he doesn't really give two shits in the books about him .....again the skipped on the neck clawing....lol
  5. the 2 swords though.....we know Brienne has one blade.....but what happens to the blade that was given to Geoffrey. Was he buried with it .....GRRM never elaborates in the books....
  6. Although the books only hint and vaguely mention that Red Viper lies with boys....he is openly bi-sexual in the series.....
  7. I love how they used Geoffrey as Jamie's inner monologue when they were reading the Book of the kings guard
  8. So I guess now Brienne will be sent to find Aria instead of Sansa.....or will she search for her after Jeoffry's wedding
  9. agreed about arias Mercy line.....but I guess it fit being that Polliver is in for the sweetling
  10. the epic event that will counter the red wedding will be Joffrey's wedding.....not Cats ressurection....I didn't want the Frey hanging scene...but I wanted the kiss that gives her life again
  11. this was a terrible episode....Jaime doesn't make kings landing until after Joffs wedding....Sam doesn't make it to the wall until after the wildling attack....and Asha doesn't go to attack the dreadfort.....complete and utter suckdom
  12. Not sure if Talisa has any family with her.....but in the books ...the mother was a piece of work and set up the whole thing with her marrying robb
  13. yes that was agreed about Arya's scene with Gendry....the sense of abandonment was very much felt.....After the hound was set free you can see how the faceless men would really appeal to her....but that was a wrenching scene
  14. And so Cersei's paranoia begins to unfold....it started with the battle last season...but when she was rebuffed by her father and told she was a dolt.....this is the Cersei of the books.....
  15. i'm thinking Bolton already knows the truth about Bran and rickon....being that the iron men who gave up theon filled him in on the details.....just speculation
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