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  1. Well, they have nine months to come up with a really powerful way to introduce Cat next season without it seeming desperate.
  2. 10 months is a lot of sinking.
  3. Oh dear. This doesn't sound good.
  4. I can't even watch the episode for another three hours and I'm still desperate for UnCat.
  5. Fucking hell. That's incredible. In both a good and bad sense. I doubt many of the people will follow through on their threats to cancel HBO or never watch again but, still. I think it proves my point from yesterday, though, that they need a really significant "fuck yeah!" moment to end the season or run the risk of losing viewers out of just constant negativity.
  6. No, as in the Freys were upset that Jeyne existed for Robb instead of a Frey girl, and took to murderous ambitious because of it, and readers were upset that Talisa existed for Robb instead of Jeyne and maligned and derided her until the moment she died which quite a few on here seemed to enjoy.
  7. It's only just occurred to me how half the people on here's response to Talisa is probably more or less consistent with Walder Frey's response to Jeyne.
  8. I actually don't have a clue how to rate this one. I gave it a ten just because. No episode could be worse than last week's.
  9. I'm sure the world looks forward to Sophie Turner(who is seventeen)'s nude lesbian scene. In other words, yes, it was just you.
  10. As I count it there were eleven different plot areas in this episode. Bran, Jon, Robb, Jaime, Tyrion, Sansa, Arya, Joffrey, Dany, Gendry, Theon. They're trying to do too much. Five minutes per plot area is just not enough.
  11. Is it just me or did George attempt to make every scene at least somewhat sexual?
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