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  1. Great profile picture!

  2. What was the point of getting Locke to the Wall, only to kill him off a minute after?
  3. Did he? Why do they do this. Some of the choices they make are really stupid.
  4. It's an 8 from me. The episode was excellent, the build up was great, but Joff actual death... Maybe I need to watch it again.
  5. hmmm, I thought it was a bit underwhelming compared to the books. The build up was good, but the actual moment... Cersei's reaction was a bit off, too. She was fine at the end, but she was just staring at Joff when he was dying, in the books she's in panic, screaming. It was good overall, not amazing. I think they did better with the RW, despite the fact it was very different from the books. Also, the actress who plays Shae is the most unconvincing at crying.
  6. Maybe that's just me, but I'm assuming this won't be the Jaime/Tywin final confrontation. They were never going to settle it now, it's just episode 1.
  7. It wasn't a complaint. I was laughing about the fact it looked silly. I didn't give a sh-t, tbqh.
  8. You can't read sarcasm apparently though. My post mentioned that Melisandre had a car... You don't actually think I believe that, do you?
  9. I agree that it was purposely ambiguous, but it's not like in the books in the slightest. In the books Cersei is not a snarky woobie who stares at sea shells thinking on the good times. Show!Cersei is a soap opera-like character. A dramatic heroine. Which is completely laughable and unfair to the books. She also doesn't love Jaime all that much, so that look of love is quite a change.
  10. It's how did he survive 3 arrows as well to me. Once would have sufficed, I do think they took a it too far and it was a bit far fetched.. They obviously couldn't skip it because they needed a scene of Ygritte eventually turning on Jon, but it should have happened all during episode 9.
  11. How did Jon survive all of this is a mystery, I'm beginning to believe he's the Kurgan reborn.
  12. I don't understand where did some people see this. In an interview NCW said something along the lines of Cersei and Jaime both having missed each other and loving each, but things have changed for the while they were away. So the way the show is going to go on about it, is by having them loving each other like in a soap opera, and fall apart for other reasons. Not because Cersei is a manipulative liar and a cheat, like in the books. When she saw him she looked shocked and concerned to me, not like she didn't love him. I'm not fine with this, honestly I'm not fine with all these departures in characterisation. They're quite annoying. She runs as fast as a horse, apparently. Or maybe she has a car like Melisandre, who travels across Westeros much faster than other characters.
  13. I gave it a 10, and this is the first 10. Best episode of the season by far. I was intermittently in tears since Jon left Ygritte behind, and then Rickon/Bran, poor wee Arya and Catelyn... It was so good. The RW was different than in the books, it had a very different feel to it as it was awkward but somewhat joyful, whereas in the books there was a feel of impending doom, but I think it worked fantastically anyway. I'm also so happy that Jon's storyline is finally shaping up nicely, and I now recognise the Jon I love in the books. Please, keep going in this direction and don't muck Jon up again! One thing I couldn't tell, did Blackfish die too?
  14. I think Loras will eventually willingly join the Kingsguard to get out of marrying her. He'll be the one rejecting her.
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