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  1. And the Jon, ygritte n Orel love triangle :rolleyes:
  2. I think arya will get the ax to the head in ep9 and depending on if they show LS this season she might see her mother dead if not leave ppl wondering if arya's dead too like theon.
  3. I remember him, been a while didnt remember if their descriptions matched. I guess they wouldn't be writers if they were just copying and pasting George's words. But there are sooooooo many things that I can't see why they would change it if it makes no difference why not have it the way it is in the books.
  4. There are a lot of unknown actors that are really good who will come cheap, or even known actors that haven't worked for a while and would love to work on a hit show for lil money and big exposure. I don't see why they couldn't cast the mormonts, greatjon (more scenes) a Lil squire for Robb (he doesn't even need to say much). As it is now there are only two certain deaths which is not gonna be anywhere near the RW from the books.
  5. LF gave him the idea of the jousting dwarfs right so they wont show that, maybe LF telling him about Dany instead of varys who has spies across the sea is his way of getting Joffrey to trust him, give him a girl to kill, lil info no one else has told him, discord between king n his small council. A Lil chaos for LF for the road. I thought George would write ep9, tell him where you're going with the story and give him a bit free rain, maybe He would have included Lil things he wishes he's put into the books. Wishful thinking
  6. I wonder whose been telling him about what's happening across the narrow sea, varys or LF secret chats with the it king? That seems a waste of his talents.
  7. Is that the same man ygritte kills because Jon wouldn't?
  8. I guess we'll find out if she lives past episode 9.
  9. Since Robb n cat died in the books not knowing about the Westerling betrayal. That hateful look Cat gave to Talisa in this episode I wouldn't mind if Robb n cat find out at the RW of her betrayal and cat slits Talisa's throat instead of that simpleton Frey.
  10. Talisa will most likely die at the twins, I think her importance is done in the books so they will give her a more interesting death on the show kinda like with Dany's handmaid betraying her instead of just dying in the rest waste.
  11. :agree: They have a few more seasons till theon becomes reek do they need so many scenes in every episode with him. personally i think they could have even waited to introduced "boy" next season. They could have used the time with Robb n Cat since its only two more episodes till "rains of castamere" instead they give robb two minutes of sex scene filler.
  12. 8/10 pretty good episode loved Brienne n jaime, Jon story line but again theon's Lil torture scene could have done without. it's only two episodes to go till "the rains of castamere" was hoping for a Lil more from Robb's camp but they just used his scene to put a Lil more sex scene for this episode.
  13. Rhaegarsjoy

    [Book Spoilers] EP306 Discussion

    Because ygritte is always saying "you know nothing Jon snow". Probably heard her say it :)
  14. Rhaegarsjoy

    [Book Spoilers] EP306 Discussion

    I wasn't a fan of BwB handing over gendry for gold, but maybe this is for Arya's future plot benefit to show her loss of trust in humanity.
  15. Rhaegarsjoy

    [Book Spoilers] EP306 Discussion

    More like they just shat all over cats character from one of the strongest, smart POV characters to the lamp in the background when ever they show robb.