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    [No Spoilers] EP310 Discussion

    I hardly know what to do with myself on Sunday nights now!
  2. Arrow

    [No Spoilers] EP310 Discussion

    I'd wondered about that myself. I think you're right about that. --------------- Others have made comments about the brief reunion scene with Jaime and Cersei - I tend to think that spending time with a woman of Brienne's quality - she's compassionate, honest, loyal, and ethical - will provide a huge contrast for him to Cersei's lies, cruelty, and alternating passive-aggressive and aggressive-aggressive behaviors. I really believe that he will find Cersei wanting in character and I would bet money their relationship will have lots of trouble in the future. We all recognize that Clegane and Arya have great chemistry on-screen - the producers would be foolish not to mine that for a while longer. He says he wants money for ransom, but I think he's growing fond of her. Arya, however, could probably kill him at the drop of a hat. Seeing Robb/Wind probably was the final straw for her. She said 'Valor Morghoulis" after killing the man who supposedly desecrated Robb's body - maybe it's her mantra now - all men must die. She's taken it to heart and is now an assassin awaiting training. She's gone to the dark side, which has likely been her destiny from the very beginning. I have to agree with what someone else said, Roose Bolton is a very dangerous man, and so is his son Ramsey. I have to wonder what the outcome would be if Bolton ever went up against Tywin Lannister. Now that would be a battle of titans. Poor Jon Snow sounded like he was on the ragged edge of exhaustion even before Ygritte shot him. He just wanted to go home, poor guy. I'm so glad he's back with Pip and Sam. (Sounds like I'm talking about LOTR!) One thing this episode succeeded in doing was to get everyone who lives south of the Wall to wake up and look Northward and realize what's going on. They're starting to realize the truth of what Mel said, that the wars between five kings mean nothing. Dark days ahead - winter is coming.
  3. Arrow

    How would you rate episode 310?

    Will we have a spinoff series where the Blackfish is constantly killing Freys? Good one, doubt it would happen but you never know. Enjoyed your analysis, but then I write long ones too. I have to wonder what's the diff if someone writes one long review covering every aspect of the episode, or posts a series of short ones on every aspect of the episode. Guess it's up to other forum participants whether they want to read a post or not.
  4. Arrow

    How would you rate episode 310?

    My vote: 10 Live-blogging the Season Finale Bolton looking out over the slaying of Stark soldiers, the slaughter is on and the King in the North is no more, his armies are being wiped out. It's terribly bloody, they're being hanged, mutilated. Sick, sick, sick. The Hound rescues Arya, he's her best friend at this point, maybe her only friend. Oh God, they're parading Robb with Graywind's head on the body's shoulders. Sick bastards, I hate them. He grabs a standard and rides away. Everything's burning. Oh man, this is going to cause poor Arya problems in the future, if she wasn't going to turn into a stone cold killer before, she surely will now. King's Landing – Tyrion and Sansa, in the moments before she gets the news. What a feeling of dread while watching them banter lightly, trying to become at least friends. “You're a Lannister,” she reminds him. And, “I hear that you're a pervert.” They could be friends, they really could, but when she hears what's happened, that will change everything. Oh Arya, you imaginative little troublemaker, the story of sheep dung in the bed. Podrick the Man of Amazing Talents with Whores, comes running. Well that's a perfect line for Tyrion to say to Joffrey, “Have you killed a few puppies today?” Joffrey, the little sadist, is so happy - “Robb Stark is dead, and his bitch mother.” He wants to do WHAT to Sansa? Oh you sick little bastard, you inbred little piece of shite. Cersei tries to save the situation - “A joke. Joffrey did not mean it.” Tyrion comes in with a great one, “Just now kings are dying like flies.” Tywin takes control again, and as he has done before, Joffrey manages to piss off Tywin with his disrespectful smart little squinchy mouth. Epic line: “You're a fool if you think he's the most powerful man in Westeros.” - Tywin, I think you just let a big ol' cat out of a big ol' bag. He and Tyrion exchange jabs, and it looks like Tyrion is beginning to get it about Tywin, who asks in his usual cruel way, “Do you want to write a song for the dead Starks?” So now we know it's true, no matter how he tries to disguise it, that Tywin disguises his own ambition as putting family first. “I let you live,” he tells Tyrion. Way to make your son hate you, you horrid old man. Sansa's face is heartbreaking. Poor girl. So much loss, so much grief. I doubt she'll ever recover from what's happened to her these past months. Could anybody? Bran, Jojen and Meera, Hodor “Hodoring” down the well. His name has become a verb. Bran tells a rather gruesome story about a cook of the Night's Watch. The taste of his son... boy, they get graphic on this show sometimes. “He killed a guest beneath his roof. That's something the Gods can't forgive.” And we go straight to Walder Frey. This week's episode has truly inspired segues, I must say. Roose Bolton does the big reveal – so the guy who's been torturing Theon is Roose's bastard son. Well, well, I believe some non-book people wouldn't have seen that one coming. Frey: “Here's to the young wolf, awooo...” Such a clever old piece of shite. And Roose: “I sent my bastard Ramsey to root him out.” Cut to the guy eating a sausage. Well, the implication's pretty clear now, isn't it? What a sick sense of humor he has! “You think I'm some sort of savage?” Um, yes. Actually, we do. Theon looks a bit the worse for wear. “Kill me” he says. “You're no good to me dead,” says Ramsey. “We need you.”... “You don't look like Theon Grayjoy anymore.” and “You freak.” Then it's more beating and “What's your name?” “Reek.” It looks like Theon has been broken. And he has a new name. Poor Theon. Now we have Bran again – he's hearing his wolf and there's something there, there's the wolf and... SAM!!! Samwell the Slayer has joined the travelers. He realizes who Bran is, and Hodor. “Take us north of the wall.” Uh oh, didn't expect that, did you Sam? Jojen lets Sam know they know about a lot of what's going on. Oh, Sam and Gillie won't be joining them. Okay. Again, Bran is looking older with every episode. He'll be twenty soon - is acceleration of aging part of being a warg? Theon's father and Yara – letter – uh oh, she's got a box. Please don't open it. Oh god, they know now. What a horrible shock, huh? They've castrated your boy and now they're threatening to send more of him. “Theon disobeyed my orders.” Oh, you cold, cold man. “He's your son.” You tell him, Yara. She's going to go after her brother, good for her. Rescue operation in full swing, hooray! Sam shows Bran, et al the dragon glass weapons. So he had spares, that's good. He gives them to the party, but he and Gilly aren't going with them. Samwell's journey isn't over, apparently. But now Bran knows Jon is still alive. Davos and Gendry, good! They're a good pair, they'll do something about their situation. Gendry doesn't trust Davos, can hardly blame him. They establish their respective positions on the social ladder of Fleabottom, and thus Davos gets Gendry's trust. Good man. Love Gendry's description of Mel -“Big words, no clothes.” Good lines! “You see? Highborns,” he says with disgust. What's going on with Varys, he's sussing out Shea. He always has a story, a motive, a reason for approaching anyone. Varys expends effort to align himself with her. Now he's offering her money to start a new life. Why? Ah, so Tyrion can help him shape the future of Westeros. She stands up to his manipulations. Now what, Varys? Poderick and Tyrion getting shitfaced, best line goes to Tyrion - “Everyone would do it if it were easy.” Cersei is her imperious self, telling Podrick, “Leave.” Argh, what a bitch. Oh, so she seems to think she won't be marrying Loras. Cersei actually thinks she can fool anyone into believing she wishes for happiness for Sansa. She talks about when Joffrey was a baby. Almost becomes human when she mentions her children, but she's done too many mean and dirty things to get my sympathy anymore. Tyrion is right on the money when he says, “Every time we deal with an enemy we create two more.” The Hound and Arya – oh there are some soldiers talking about putting the head of the wolf on Robb's body. Arya offers him the coin and starts stabbing him. The Hound to the rescue! Arya has her first kill. She's an assassin now, a true badass. We love you, little Arya. You have much more work to do in this hard and unforgiving world of Westeros, don't you? Uh-oh, the redheaded irritant is back, and she's pissed off. Finally he says in reply to her refrain, “You know nothing,” that he isn't quite such a loser as she seems to think. “I do know some things.” They're both so gutted by events, you have to feel a little sorry for them. Good lord, is she going to succeed in killing him? Poor thing, her heart is broken. I love you, I hate you, I love you, I hate you. Lots of grief to go around in this episode. Maester Targaryen, although we don't refer to him that way anymore. Maester Aemon. He accepts the young couple. What? She named the baby Sam! Well played, Gillie. Maester is going to send ravens, wonder what for? Ah, I bet I know. Brace yourselves everyone, and let the low-level panic begin, things are going to start getting very, very scary pretty soon. Davos is reading again. The little girl with the scaly face, Shireen, the sweet one, is back again. There's a message from the Night's Watch. Davos, what does it say, man? The bells are ringing for the death of Robb Stark – the news is out. Now Stannis says he will use magic if he has to, to take Westeros and rule it. Davos tries again to talk Stannis out of killing Gendry. Stannis is determined, so now we're seeing Davos rescue Gendry. Good. Maybe Gendry is the one who will eventually rule Westeros. He's sending Gendry to King's Landing, by sea in a rowboat. Gendry can't swim, which makes this development a little unrealistic, but whatever. Like it's not going to be dangerous for him in KL? Ah, Jon made it to Castle Black, good. He'll live. Now Sam can tell him about Bran, hooray, at last. Maybe the Starks can recover a little bit of family again, out of the shreds that are left. Jaime arrives at King's Landing. There's Cersei, and now the reunion takes place. The writers seem to be implying the loss of the hand will be a problem. Personally, I think spending time with Brienne, an honest woman with ethics, will be more of a problem to Jaime and Cersei's relationship than anything else could be. We'll see, I guess. Stannis and Mel know Davos set Gendry free and they're not happy with him. Please don't kill him. Aha, news of the White Walkers has reached them, and Mel's starting to get it. Now they have to spare Ser Davos's life. Oh, the twists and turns. But let's not forget he's on the witch's bad side, that's not a good place to be.There'll be hell to pay, or maybe we should say Mel to pay. Dany's dressed in blue again. That must be her power color. Cute outfit, didn't get a good look, is that coulottes? She and Missandei match nicely, that's a stylistic touch, but really, Dany's outfit looks like she took a time machine to now and picked it up at Sak's. Here come the freed slaves. (Now you're going to have to feed them, how do you propose to do that?) Now they're calling her “the unburnt”. That's pretty literal, I guess. So that's where the title Mhysa comes from. They see her as their mother. Ah, so not coulottes, are those thigh-high boots? Girlfriend, you're dressed to kill, so to speak. Ooh, the dragons are so cool. She's bad, she's bad, the woman's a pure badass, yes she is. Into the mosh pit! It's kind of a cheesy scene, but it gives us something to chew on until next season. It's a geeky 80's thing to do, but let's face it Dany, you're so beyond cool. We love you, little mama. Wow, what an ending. What an episode! Wow! Now comes the long, cold wait until Season 4. Sigh.
  5. Was live-blogging and was rendered unable to type and somehow lost what I'd written. Shocking, shocking, shocking! We non-book people were not at all prepared for that. Part of me is glad I didn't read the spoilers but part of me wishes I had so it wouldn't be such a terrible surprise. I take it Blackfish is safe because he left at just the right moment, and Edmure is upstairs with his bride - unless someone went up there to make it unanimous? Terrible that Rob's wife died like that, and the baby - *whimper* The look on Catelyn's face when she saw Bolton's chain mail was terrible. I'm glad she got one good clop to the chops in on him before it started. Walder Frey is a corrupt, disgusting old piece of shite. Tywin Lannister is the devil. Lord Bolton is unbelievably evil. I want Dany to order her dragons to burn all of them alive.
  6. Arrow

    [No Spoilers] EP308 Discussion

    Speaking as a lagging-behind book reader, I'm almost to the end of the second book and thoroughly enjoying the more complex and deeper characters and story lines - I don't mind a few spoilers showing up here, because the books are so rich in description and complexity of personas that a few spoilers here and there are not going to ruin things for me. My perception of the story is being back-filled in slowly, and the TV episodes are still full of surprises, and I really kind of like it that way. I have noticed the character of Tyrion has some notable differences in the two versions and I have to wonder where the TV show is going to take him now that they've changed him so much. Intriguing. It's a shame we have to wait two weeks for the next episode on TV, but that will give me a great chance to catch up in book 3, so it's okay. I guess there's a bit of an advantage to having not read the books before HBO started showing the series.
  7. Arrow

    How would you rate episode 308?

    Live-blogging: We open with Arya and the Hound, who apparently in the meantime have become BFF's. Oh, maybe not. He caught her – good, it would have been ugly to see her smash his noggin with that rock. I hate to admit it but he's pretty sharp for a bona fide monster. Now that she knows her mama and bro are going to be at the Twins, she had a small improvement in her usual dour expression. Careful girl. BAMF's don't allow themselves tiny smiles of anticipation. Ah, the Mother of Dragons is back. What's that sand-colored portable tent she's wearing? Is that for protection in case of a sand storm? Dany, Dany, you were so fashion-forward last week. That drab getup just isn't you. And Barristan looks like he's wearing a pup tent he borrowed from a Boy Scout jamboree. Not to be critical, but the costuming department needs a shake-up. Hmm, it seems the lovely MOD is set on doing some more conquering. Three men to see Dany, or should I say two men and a human billy goat named Mero, and I think that's an insult to billy goats. That guy's just rank – he's also socially unacceptable, crude beyond disgusting, and a potty-mouth. Grey Worm, Jorah, and Barristan are all champing at the bit for the honor of putting him down like a dog. She stays calm. Good for you, Queenie. Boy, that Mero sure thinks highly of himself. Daario's cute, I must say, and quite the flirt. Aha, we knew it! Melissandre had bad intent toward Gendry. Who can trust a psycho bitch who burns men alive for not agreeing with her religious beliefs? Oh, Davos, the sight of you reading is so touching. You're such a good man, a really decent man. You might be becoming one of my favorite characters. Thank you for knowing Stannis so well, and for trying to talk him out of letting that puta loca with the cheapo-snaky hair extensions kill Gendry. Sigh, this show can really play on my emotions. Back to the bad boys, the Second Sons. Yeah, the one guy Mero is a P-I-G, pig. Oink. Coins from different lands, that's an interesting twist. Ladies and gents, it looks like we have ourselves an assassin. Sansa, you poor thing. What a painfully awkward clusterfuck of a wedding day. So Cersei did get around to making a blood-curdling threat against Margaery. And it really looked like that verbal dart hit the target, didn't it? Is it my imagination or did Margaery momentarily go pale? I sure would have. Kudos to the writers/director for the explanation of “Rains of Castamere” - I'd seen that title around the forums and wondered about it. Poor Sansa again. Could they invent more tortures for her to endure? Grrrr... and taking the step-stool away – what are we, still in middle school? Gah, I hate Joffrey. Sansa's hanging onto her dignity, gotta hand it to her. Poor Gendry, the sincere and innocent young bastard, overwhelmed by all the trappings of wealth – oh no, the wine trick again. Maybe not. Carice van Houten, the actress who plays Mel, has that strange quality - she looks like she's 30 years old in some light, sometimes like she's 45. Back to Gendry, oh shit tie me up, tie me down, now he's being used as leech food. How degrading. Wait, it's Davos and Stannis, come to see the fruits of her whoring, I mean labors, I mean lechery leechery. And now, oh goody. More black magic. We three kings... or rather we three usurpers... something tells me they're all toast. So now is she done with Gendry? I hope? Back to Sansa's worst nightmare. Loved Olenna's attempt to figure out the family ties – she almost went into a chorus of that old southern ditty “I'm My Own Grandpa”. And of course Cersei would subject Loras to a cold, invalidating remark. Cuz that's just how that bitchwad rolls. Sansa still can't shake that human colostomy bag, Joffrey. He still thinks he has the right to be a complete shit to her. Loved Tyrion's threat to castrate his wonderful nephew. Knew Tywin would get the situation under control again. Thank God he stepped in and stopped Joffrey's perverted version of the bedding ceremony. She's only 14, geez people, have mercy. So THAT's what Daario had in mind. Surprise! Two heads are better than one, as they say. I can almost hear strains of Olivia Neutron Bomb singing “Hopelessly Devoted to You” when he kneels and swears fealty to Dany with his – wow, lookit that curved thing – is that a sword or a scythe for harvesting grain? Maybe it's multipurpose. Anyway, he's apparently thrown in his lot with her. It's been a while since Dany got to do the horizontal bop with a hot guy. They're both so pretty! Just a thought - put them in swimsuits on a beach in southern California and they'd look like a surfer dude and his beach bunny. Okay, Shea showed her good side by grabbing the non-bloody sheets and spiriting them away so nobody would know that Sansa is still a virgin, or a maid as they say in Westeros. Good thinking, and good for the writers – hooray, they gave Shea all of four words to say. Less is more, right? Back to Sam and Gilly making their way to Castle Black – what a sweet scene about naming the baby, boy I hear ya about not choosing either dad's name. Talk about saddling a poor tyke with bad karma. That was downright spooky when the crows started screaming – wonderful protection for the fleeing couple. The Wight is one nightmarish skell. Wow, Sam! Dude, you came through! Your doppelganger/cousin in fiction, Samwise Gamgee, would be so proud of you. Sam the Slayer, indeed. Oh Gods, don't forget the knife! They forgot the knife. The final scene with the crows flying toward the camera is absolutely epic. This episode rates a solid 10, it absolutely flew by and was wonderful in so many ways.
  8. Pretty Jon Snow

  9. Well, he has slapped Joffrey a few times. I guess if Joff weren't a twisted, psychopathic, sadistic murderer, the slapping could be taken as child abuse instead of just desserts (before the fact).
  10. I know! What's wrong with these people? Spy, spy, spy! Look at the spy!
  11. Yes, cheers! I think Melissandre may have "seen" Gendry in the flames? That seems to be her sort of crystal ball where she sees things. Also maybe she has "little birds" like Varys has, who knows, these people are so sneaky! :ninja:
  12. Thanks! I have published... but I keep that apart from online play.
  13. Thanks - live-blogging can be great fun. I did it with the TV series "The Tudors" on another site that's now defunct - the format made it possible for blogger and commenters to interact, that was an absolute hoot. (One thing I intended to say but missed - regarding the Theon scene, OMG, who knew they had waxing salons in Westeros?) :shocked: