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  1. Very good episode. Not sure if I liked this one better than last week's though, but probably yeah :) Especially good: -Hound vs Beric (even though I wish they hadn't shown the 'resurrection" at all, like in the book -Shireen was so amazingly potrayed! Cheers to the girl actress! -The Jaime and Brienne bathtub scene was awesome! Minor changes to the book, but all in the right place. -The acting from almost everyone was terrific, but NCW stands out of the pack a bit this week Which brings me to one minor critic about season 3 and this episode: Why does Littlefinger think he's Batman? What the hell? Just rewatched some season 1 episodes and he's talking normally there. What does Aidan Gillen want to accomplish with that stupid tone? Remind us he was in TDKR? Yay for you Aidan, now keep it together!