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  1. I can't believe how every time I turn down a trade for a guy he gets injured the next time he plays.
  2. Y'all are some cruel motherfuckers. Making a demure lass like myself start Markus Mariota against Buffalo. That's fucked up.
  3. We're on to Valyria. Meanwhile, I need a QB this week and I'm looking for a RB. I've got a number of WRs available. Hit me up, folks. Pick this corpse clean before I'm mathematically eliminated.
  4. It's safe to say these are my last months in such esteemed company. It was a pleasure.
  5. I cede my position in Experts. Clearly I am unworthy.
  6. There has been a trade. Only minutes after choosing a minor exchange over a blockbuster deal the Duskendale Dames have agreed to terms with the Castle Black Crows. Castle Black Crows receive: TE George Kittle RB LeShawn McCoy RB Rashaad Pennie WR Jarvis Landry DEF Denver Duskendale Dames receive: WR Tyler Lockett TE Will Dissly RB DeVonte Freeman RB Ito Smith DEF Atlanta
  7. There has been a trade. Only hours after turning down a blockbuster deal, the feckless Duskendale Dames have reached terms on a smaller order with the Coldwater Behemoths. Behemoths receive: Cam Newton, Steffon Diggs Dames receive: Deebo Samuel and Phillip Dorsette
  8. Russel Wilson- $19- 4 years Derek Carr-$7 1 years Josh Rosen-$1- 3 years Odell Beckham Jr.-$41- 4 years Julio Jones-$40 -1 years Mike Williams- $19 - 2 years Dede Westbrook- $8- 1 years Deebo Samuel- $1- 1 years DeShaun Hamilton-$1- 1years John Brown- $1- 2 years Mark Ingram II- $14 -1 years Josh Jacobs- $24 -1 years Carlos Hyde- $1 -2 years Gus Edwards-$1 -1 years Ronald Jones II- $1-1 years Mason Crosby- $1- 1 years Jack Doyle- $1- 1 years Mark Andrews- $1 -4 years Austin Hooper-$1 - 2 years Philadelphia-$1- 4 years Los Angeles- $1- 1 years Michale Badgely- $1 -Cut
  9. Shit, i thought I posted here yesterday. Can I drop Thomas, Tate, and Snead?
  10. My glee is exceeded only by my desire for great and terrible vengeance. Witness me.
  11. I would like to have not started Alshon Jefferies who we knew was not going to play for like 3 months. Please insert Allen Robinson of the Bears in his stead. I am signing all of my players to 1 year contracts unless otherwise stated.
  12. I just can't fathom how I spent 22 monies on Demaryious Thomas 2 years ago... what the fuck was I on???
  13. @SpaceForce Tywin et al. is on top of the Manhole situation, I believe.
  14. Jace is back in. I make my own schedule now, time is no object.
  15. I will volunteer @Tywin et al. and myself for the task.
  16. It ended up being a bit less dramatic than expected last night, but I can't express how great an opponent Race was. His name might be spelled like a fool, but his heart spells champion.
  17. You wanna kick Phillip in the Knee while you talk shit about his team?
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