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  1. I've never seen a bad case so well put, that was like art.
  2. I'll direct you to my Neegan Trump post in the walking dead thread.
  3. It's what makes it really sad when some people, who shall remain nameless, crow about their post-draft grade. @Tywin et al.
  4. Lies! They're all against me! Slanderers, thieves! Cutthroats and cowards! Add an IR slot after the draft, abuse the rules, help your cronies! But when I say that I had Tom Brady at 1 dollar for 12 years? Crickets.
  5. 2 I want him next year, but not the year after.
  6. The Griffin's Roosters have announced a trio of extensions: Willie Snead has been locked up for 4 seasons at $6 Jack Doyle has been locked up for 4 seasons at $1 Jonathan Steward has received a 1 year extension at $1 Austin Hooper has received a 4 year extension at $1
  7. Nah, Jimmi at the end. Kinda psycho and dragging around a naked dude who's scared of me.
  8. The eyes are the thing I have most in common with her! Though I suppose we are both short, I'm not a fucking rail like her. Wouldn't want to be. And Jax, do not support this tyrannical IR rule implementation this year. Next year is acceptable, but not TODAY
  9. I fucking wish, more like the female version of Jimmi Simpson but way less good at computers. And way better at drinking. And not owned by the FBI... actually, more like Jimmi Simpson at the end of Westworld. But way less adept at knives. And way better at coping. And not rich as fuck or super rapey at robots... No No A thousand times NO
  10. Guess which kind of pain this IR rule is?
  11. Actually, I'll abstain. Thereby preventing a quorum from being present to vote.
  12. Do I need to start canvassing for No votes?
  13. I'm signing all of my players for 1 year.
  14. I'm gonna be 20 to 30 minutes late tonight. Can't be helped.
  15. @manhole Eunichsbane and @tywin at al are rising stars on the forum.
  16. I work and go to school on weekdays. So no, unless it's Friday. Do it without me, it's ok.
  17. I can't do a weekday, so I'm out.
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