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  1. I can't take credit. I stole that from some sitcom of the 00's. Probably Two and a Half Men, it was always on marathons on all the TVs on (I think) TBS during my internship. I think I saw every goddamn episode of the first five seasons at least three times over. All in like 1 or 2 minute segments where I'd be standing around near a TV, but EVERY DAY, so eventually it all added up to seeing basically all the episodes in their entirety. At some point it became The Office that was on all the time everywhere. Repeat. I suspect this may be the catalyst of my madness. Hard Men 2: Hard HARDER
  2. There have been some script changes at the urging of the Information Bureau. We're now calling it: The Brothers Bidenazov
  3. Listen, when the Marines hit the beaches of Iwo Jima they didn't have better weapons than the Germans. What they had was heart! Not a one of you has been able to forget about the water in your boots or the sand in your mess kit long enough to complete the mission! (The joke is that I don't have a coherent answer to your question)
  4. I love how they put 'baselessly' in there. Suggesting that there could be a base from which to accuse Weather Fraud, which of course is illegal under the Bond Villain Act of 2371-The Year of Our Lord Lizardo, of the secret calendar
  5. Just for the record, I didn't say that freedom isn't something that people believe in. In fact I stated exactly the opposite. That's what "common myth" means. A myth common to all, which explicitly assumes that folks believe in it. At least regarding themselves. I said that as a motivating factor it carries less than no weight because everyone everywhere will cite freedom when justifying their actions, and thus I cannot measure its impact on national policy. You can see that in what I wrote. I am not advocating against liberal values, I am explaining how they are already compromised and will be dismissed entirely the moment hot nuclear war is allowed to become a cost-benefit analysis to belligerents. Like that's literally what every one of my posts yesterday outside the NFL thread is about. The potential consequences of allowing Russia to nuke Ukraine without adequate response out of a very kind but very misinformed sense of compassion and where that road leads to. I take it for granted that in a world where nuclear armed states are nuking non-armed states that there will be a second arms race and that -combined with global warming- will be a disaster for human lives and FREEDOMS everywhere for everyone. Apocalyptic is my response to events I see leading to apocalypse. A personal failing, to be sure.
  6. I have, perhaps once or twice in the past, been known to become over indulgent in my cynicisms. It's all love. An angry, hateful love that consumes like a fire lit by the gods. But at least I'm not boring, eh? A very... lively... personality, mine has been called.
  7. I'm glad you're alright down there. But I do not share your academic certainty in these definitions, sir. History is not written on scantron, but on precedent. Hence my unqualified horror at the world which would unfold in the aftermath of improperly punished nuclear deployments.
  8. I ain't no neurologist. I was mostly just upset that they kept showing an obvious brain injury while Al Michaels mused about an elbow injury. 'guarding' was the wrong term anyway. I inaccurately associated general injury limb hesitance ("guarding") with seizure response motions years and years ago and I've never successfully eradicated the conflation.
  9. Freedom is a common myth, used to reinforce devotion to a preferred oppressor. As a motivating factor it carries less than no weight. Every political grouping in the history of Earth has invoked it as justification. It is an empty word in any language. Safety, on the other hand? Perceived risk? That's something I can measure. Do not mistake me. I am a democrat. You know this. I do not approve of harming others who would not harm you. I don't like the amount of money we give over to our military corporations and the things they use it for. I did not create the structures of the world inside which we all operate. I am merely describing them as accurately as I am able. Something that schools could have done if we, as Americans, weren't so lazy and apathetic that we just let the civil government become subsumed by the realities of MAD.
  10. He hasn't been charged with anything yet, right? He's just gotta declare that candidacy before they file the charges, according to Comey eta: and Mueller
  11. ... Or invade and satellite every country with the capacity to develop said nuclear capacities. In the interest of world safety.
  12. I think that if U.S. failed to nuke Moscow (in responses) then every single country on this planet has a moral obligation to its dependants to pursue the accumulation of nuclear response capabilities. And from there the game is unmanageable and U.S. must shift all available assets to ICBM interception/deflection technologies as fast as possible.
  13. Tonic-clonic (grand mal) seizure. In simplest terms, he went to sleep very suddenly and violently and his body reactively constricts all of the muscles (guarding) in an effort to protect itself. That stepped-on spider reaction is your body trying to defend its most vital areas on instinct. I hope he is okay. And that they don't rush him back. Let his brain heal for the love of God.
  14. Tru. That 4th down just now is like a screaming endorsement of the under-center tell criticism
  15. The worst of all cases. I hope the U.S. position is much more enlightened as to the long-term consequences of allowing Russia to start making rules of modern warfare. We have undone ourselves in indulgence of long outmoded ideals. I would say that future generations will curse us and our leaders of the day, but I don't think there will be many of those generations to come if imbecilic policy such as ^^^ is what out masters think will save lives. So I'm here to take my lumps, if this becomes the official NATO line (not just Poland, who may be playing it cool waiting for louder denunciations from allies) then I was way wrong. If U.S. position was to allow the unilateral deployment of nuclear weapons in Ukraine by Russia (declaring in effect that nuclear powers may nuke non-nuclear powers with impunity, regardless of how many cruise missiles you shoot in response) then not only should U.S. not have helped Ukraine, we should have helped Russia topple their government as quickly as possible and annex as much of the region as they wished as peacefully as could be done. Because that's the rules, if a power is permitted to use nuclear weapons in offense then they get what they want every time (geography allowing) as long as another nuclear power isn't willing to stop them. Big victory for y'all pacifists, I imagine. Meanwhile, it's the worst case scenario for humanity that we get a slow rolling back of nuclear taboo (in anger), but because U.S. is, just, like the most fantastic piece of geography around there's upsides. Don't need no navy no more. We split space with China, they can have the East (lol fuck you and your tactical nukes Russia. Enjoy your New World Order with a side order of kowtowing), we get the West. ICBMs are so 20th century. We will just push a big tungsten spike out the door of the ISS (slightly more technical irl) and turn your cities into perfectly un-irrdiated craters. Navy is crazy expensive. In a nuclear exchange there is no longer a purpose for any surface vessel that isn't towing drone barges (the new aircraft carrier). So that pays for the expansion to the space force. And if we wanna protect our resource chains worth protecting we will need more soldiers to *die in fire* ahem, defend strategic interests and those folks are very cheap to find. So that's a boost to Army/Marine recruitment that might even drive the full socialization of healthcare.
  16. Didn't Mahomes get sacked a bunch early last year, then the line rounded into shape? I'll not write off the Bengals yet
  17. God, I've always loved that tall talkin' little motherfucker. Can Mark Davis just fire his ass already so he can go fix NE offense where he belongs?
  18. The Last of Us 2 had a very bold, very good, idea for a story about revenge. Unfortunately they edited the story script with a fucking weed whacker.
  19. And? That's kinda the argument for getting that fully guaranteed deal. Classic American worker strategy. If the employer won't give you what you want, fold immediately. Sometimes you have to assume risk to seek a greater reward.
  20. Ya but in that year of taggedness the annual value of his future deal goes up, not down. He sacrifices ten mil or whatever off his potential value in 1 (or 2) year(s) worth of tag, but in return his eventual fully guaranteed long term deal is going to be worth five to ten mil a year more than if he'd signed it the year (or two) earlier. If the Ravens tag him twice he will get a Mahomes-length deal at Watson-guarantees when he leaves in FA
  21. All that tagged money is guaranteed playa. I love Lamar and everything he's doing. Fuck them. Bet on yourself every day.
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