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  1. Indeed. How they must weep upon their billions, eh? Failure = cash buyout Quite a scam. But hey, that public pr'bly gonna get serviced at some point maybe? After they're done leaving for Mars, surely. Also, I LOVE that you people think the 'services' you use are to your, well, weal-being. (See what I did there?) Twitter is tables. Because without tables, we wouldn't have chairs. And without chairs, orphans in Africa wouldn't be able to be seen sitting in classes which makes you feel better about yourself, because you're glad they have tables and chairs too. Because Twitter is tables and chairs and everything everywhere all the time. That's how you know it's good for you.
  2. Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah! And once more, huzzah! Twitter is beyond saving and must be allowed to die. That is why I've put Fear Toxin in all of the video embeds. "We will fulfill Ra's al Ghuls legacy!"
  3. That's the problem with industrious souls such as yourself: you see a need and you fill it with a tool No mind for art- the origin of lesbianism.
  4. Tsk tsk tsk The very first thing you ought to learn about evolution is how jealously it defends its cul-de-sacs. Evolution is like the Karen of universal functions. Very resistant to change, but very accommodating of force. That's how societies produce Trumps.
  5. Government IDs don't do anything to empower Mr. Musk. He would have no interest in them. A corporate ID, though? Y'all're'll so enthusiastic about giving your names, money, and information (including your heart rate and caloric intakes!) to gratifying applications. This is a logical exploit of an illogical mass. Just good business. I wish I had that kinda money. James Cameron taught us that folks will kill themselves for the (infinitesimal) possibility of living in a cartoon. God, but I wonder what I could get you people to do just by overloading your sensory input systems for a few days.
  6. Decentralized communication hubs dependent on counter-checking one another to ensure fidelity? I imagine that a corruption from one hub would be automatically compared to last data received by said hub by the rest of the network? Hypothetical example: Hub77 receives data (xyz), the record exists in Hub22 that it transferred (xyz) to Hub77. This is the correct transmission. However, when Hub77 transfers the data to Hub44 it reads (xzy). The rest of the hubs should be easily programed to confirm that Hub77's data is corrupted and implement repair on their own initiative. This seems like a good system. Many systems verifying the integrity of the individual contributor networks. The many correct the few. But what if 50.01% of all information hubs receive corrupted data at the same time?
  7. Allow you all to type yourselves towards death instead of taking action while he purchases the rest of the parts of the solar system worth having with his billionaire buddies. There's a reason castles were built on all of the best ground. But I'll see myself out now. Eta: remove, actually, odd punctuations
  8. Is it a preset of wildly unrealistic expectations from women as life partners? I think that's what most of it is for most of your kind, tbh Eta... The internet doesn't help with that
  9. How are you single? Do you have the worst personality on the planet? A swastika tattoo? You seem like a good boy
  10. (This is my Empowered Feminist response to male smoothiness.) ... ...
  11. The first, second, third, fourth, and fifth thing a defender needs is gap discipline. Especially if he's playing out of the slot
  12. Tell me Did you drop down into the box often? Help smother that run by stuffing your hat in a hole?
  13. I actually feel like in a world where the league gave a single fuck about something other than MOAR OFFENSE=MOAR POINTS=MOAR GAMBLE=MOAR MON-E that play would be a perfect example of how to change the PI rule for the better. That shouldn't be PI. But that is totally a standard PI call. Because the standard is wrong, and that play is like a perfect example of a DB playing off the ball and a WR playing off the ref. Use it to fix the game. But they won't
  14. Seemed like an honest defense of a contradictory position. One is permitted to disagree with me. I give my permission. But only ONE. Two is a movement.
  15. Marshawn Lynch!!??!! The FUCKING STAR FROM WESTWORLD!!??!!??!!??!! All the light in the world I offer you for this, for if you withhold me my due I shall have your eyes instead. (I'm joking, we're having fun here. That HotD finale has got me all purred up)
  16. She's a human coat hanger. With the physical and mental substance of one to match, I don't doubt. Meanwhile, as to your chirping: The sheep should stay silent when the dragon passes overhead.
  17. Nah, he's a blank page outside of football. I can listen to A QUARTER CENTURY of football knowledge, and then pump him full of an appreciation for history, books, and finest fictions. I'm putting Mrs. Brady on my Vision Board. I'm gonna Actualize it into existence. Bought a copy of Wish It Want It Do It on Amazon. (Honest truth, while I'd obviously actually love to meet or even date Tom Brady most of this is just jealous sneering at Gisele)
  18. I mean it I will suck the dick right off his pelvis and use it like a strap on to peg him. So if any of you have his digits I want 'em. You will be richly rewarded when we enter the afterlife; entombed with us beneath the Thomas and Jacelyn Brady Children's Hospital for always and eternity.
  19. If Tom needs a more supportive wife, I think he's got another three rings in him. And I'm only asking for one in return. I'll go full domestic, I don't give a fuck.
  20. And goddammit if liberals wanna win they'll start doing it too! Your enemy has achieved an advantage! Act! Ron DeSantis killed eleventy-five people in a Canoe accident while circling Mars in the Prix Elon of 2015. I was there. Saw the whole thing while I was taking my Kraken for space walkies (finnies?). Is it true? No, but people are saying. And I think it needs saying. How much people are saying. That Ron 'Flipper' DeSantis, through naked negligence and outright malice, caused the fatalities of sixty-seven families on the colony of LV-426 by sending them looking for that ship without warning them. Why didn't you warn the colonists, DeSantis!?! We want answers!
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