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    [Book Spoilers] EP304 Discussion

    Jeez, every episode that passes it makes it more and more difficult to wait a week. This week's staggeringly good episode is no exception, and now I feel the need to join in on the conversation a bit. I loved Jaime from the first ep I saw him in, since I haven't read the books(yet), his whole story was new to me. Despite him seemingly being a completely terrible person. Certain people see different things, and I saw a generally decent man with his own moral code. But his family were exceptions to his code, and most people in the world feel the same way. And being a glutton for spoilers, I couldn't help but read wiki on him and synopsis on the books; dropping me smack dab in this spiffy forum. Wiki is only so detailed though, so I was wondering if him and Brienne fall in love, and whether or not he regains his infamous skill with a blade?