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    I've seen people compare the Lannisters to the Borgias (the historical ones, not the TV show) and particularly Cersei to Lucrezia. I can see why, given the power grabbing and rumored incest, even if it's obviously not a perfect fit. But Lucrezia was not the only Borgia sibling. There were her brothers as well, of which Cesare is the best known. Another one, the youngest, was named Gioffre, which is sometimes spelled Jofre. He was married to an Aragonese princess named Sancha, or Sancia... They were 12 and 16 when the wedding took place. http://en.wikipedia..../Gioffre_Borgia Oh, there are some similarities. Edward IV was unusually tall, he was good-looking, and liked to drink and party. He took the throne after leading a rebellion and deposing the ruling monarch, who was quite mad. (Living in his head mad, not burning people to death mad, though.) The monarch's son was also killed. Then after he married, there were a lot of complaints among the nobles that his wife's family were getting far too many positions of power. He died youngish (about 40, I think) leaving behind two young sons. His brother then declared the boys illegitimate and claimed the throne for himself... I'd say that amounts to a few similarities.
  2. On the whole, a brilliant episode. Sure, a couple of minor things bugged me a little bit, but they were just that - minor. Well played with Theon's regrets, I thought. Isn't it so often the case that it's when people are down and out that they start not only second-guessing themselves, but also thinking about the ones who could've helped them if only... I kinda wished the scene hadn't been so very dark, so I could've seen his face better as he talked about Balon and Robb and Ned and the miller's boys - but then it soon became apparent why it had to be so dark in there. Great Jaime/Brienne scenes. Another step towards making show viewers see another side to Jaime, feel for him, despite everything. The look on Brienne's face when he started swaying in the saddle, when they "watered" him, when they kicked him as he was done... Powerful stuff. And yeah, maybe she would've chosen her words better if they'd been intended for a larger audience, but she was speaking to Jaime, so she said what she thought would work on him. Made sense to me. Tywin and Cersei, simply brilliant. All these Lannisters play so wonderfully off each other. Their messed-up family dynamics are a joy to behold. Such a gold mine for character building, and it drives the plot so that nothing they do to each other really surprises you when you look back, even if you didn't see it coming beforehand. And of course, Joffrey is the absolutely perfect person to drop some background info about the more gruesome aspects of Targaryen history. And Margaery is so sneaky while looking so innocent, knowing exactly what to say to each person to make them do what she wants, whether it's Joffrey or Sansa. Varys, and the Queen of Thorns, in a scene together. That alone would've made me like this episode. From "May I sit?" "No," all the way to "It seems rather obvious to me," that scene was pure gold. They led up to the Mycah accusation very well, I think, what with the talk of dead children and the Hound rightly pointing out he wasn't responsible for them. Beric calling Arya the bravest of them all seemed a little heavy-handed, but I'll allow it since it didn't cost him anything to say so, and since he did respect her father a great deal, so he might be willing to indulge a young girl who's been through a lot in the past year. Craster's. Ah, Mormont. And so your watch is ended. I did like the little detail about him asking where Bonnen was from - being a good leader doesn't automatically mean he can remember everything about every single man under him. Dolorous Edd got in a comment or two, as well, and Sam got to be an infatuated boy with his foot firmly stuck in his mouth around Gilly. Asking what the boy's name was, really? Talk about rubbing salt in wounds! Poor sweet thoughtless Sam, so well-meaning. But ah, Mormont. You will be missed. Dracarys! There was a little moment there when Dany asked if the Unsullied would follow her as free men, and they started beating their spears on the ground, where Barristan and Jorah exchanged looks. Just a look, but it said so much. At a moment like that, their differences didn't mean anything. It was all about Dany. Wonderful end to a wonderful episode.
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    [Book Spoilers] EP303 Discussion

    Assuming, of course, that there was space enough on Dragonstone for five dragons to roam free and eat as much as they wanted...
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    [Book Spoilers] EP303 Discussion

    I think that title's going to do double duty, so to speak - Ygritte/Jon, certainly, but also the Beric/Hound duel and explanation of how Beric is still "alive." Fire and kisses in both.
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    [Book Spoilers] EP303 Discussion

    In general, a very good episode. Loved the Small Council scene with the chairs, of course, and the ending. Very good Jaime/Brienne scenes across the board. The whorehouse scene felt pointless, but I did enjoy the bonding afterwards. Setting things up both to strengthen the Tyrion/Pod bond, and to make it sting even more for Tyrion when Bronn won't be his champion against the Mountain. I liked the farewell to Hot Pie - even if it did make me worry for him. Simple contentment just doesn't happen in Westeros... The treatment of Edmure was too harsh, I think. Doesn't he get even a shred of sympathy for just having lost his father? Instead he gets shoved aside by the Blackfish, and yelled at by Robb, and then he's not even included in the "remembering Hoster" scene between Catelyn and the Blackfish. I hope he gets some more nuanced stuff in upcoming episodes. Also, did not like the Stannis scene. I'm not going to say he's ruined based on one scene, but I hope it's not the start of a trend.