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  1. oh I se the sarcasm. Like I posted before, I like Ros but wouldn't be sad to see her go. In truth she has probably sstayed as long as she has because she is willing to go nekked.
  2. He did. Remember Varys always employs children because they are small and can fit in places adults can't.He would also teach them to read. Children grow up.
  3. It is the wizard (aka "his vengence") that he is telling Tyrion about. Tyrion wants vengence now on the person who ordered him to be killed at Blackwater, and Varys is telling him that sometimes Vengence comes with Patience.
  4. I personally like Ros. I think Varys was playing her in that scene to see just how much she knew. Playing dumb is always the best way to get people to talk more than they normally would.
  5. Dany had stayed in Bravvos when she was in the house with the red door. Book One. Her first chapter.
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