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    [No Spoilers] EP310 Discussion

    Good episode , I rly hope Arya kills them all :) . That scene where they put wolfs head on robb was awful for me , rly i feel sick when i remember it :S . Ending was pretty good , i must say i expected some rly good end , season end . This was a episode ending style not season but ok i can live with that Long time shall pass untill the next season :)
  2. Inceptor

    [Book Spoilers] EP310 Discussion

    I must say , exellent season and good ending , as a no book reader this was cool and awesome show . And i see lot of people talk how this isnt showed , how that is bad , how they did assasination on some character and bla bla bla ..... 1st you cant show everything from the books , havent you learned that from Lord of the Rings and like 1000 other book movies? 2nd If you can do it better , please do it . 3rd This Stoneheart lady you keep talking , maybe she will show up in 4th season? , there is 4th season you know ? , her and other characters that will die/do stuff will probably happen in next season . Just because they didint show it now , doesn't mean that they forgotten about it or they wont show it at all. My god some people deserve red weading ! 4th Now i'll have to wait for the next season for a long long long time !! 5th again nice show and stop "cry me a river" and enjoy it , if you dont like it please go watch Gossip Girl or smt.
  3. Even Hitler is upset about the Red Wedding :( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKqF8lg_M7A
  4. Lets see from episode 1 untill now 1. Eddard Stark = execution 2. Catelyn Stark = After seeing her baby knifed and arrowed couple of times , gets knifed as well 3 Robb Stark = after fighting and fighting for 3 season gets knifed and arrowed 4. John Snow = still alive , probably because he doesnt carry the name Stark 5. Greyjoy = even he isnt stark at all , since he was with them , they cut his penis off !! other things as well .... 6. Arya Stark = miracle ! , still alive , but after seeing so much death around (her fathers as well) and probably will become something bad ... 7. Sansa = Gets beaten , almoust raped , humiliated and spited on . 8. Brandon = legs broken , almoust died in winterfell and runs towards the whitewalkers. 9. Rickon = uselless So i have suggestion , instead Game of Thrones , why dont we rename it to Miserable Stark Life. As a guy said , im going from Stark to Stanis church now , since all starks that are left are boys and girls ....
  5. What's the point in showing house Stark when they all get fcking knifed ..... my god i had this feeling robb will die , but i hoped it would be in some battle or something.... Well i hope in season 4 i see some Lanisters or any bad guys actually die ... or SOMETHING !
  6. Inceptor

    [NO SPOILERS] Orientation

    I think it's better for us who havent read any of the books , since we dont know what to expect makes the show interesting , i am reading comments from those who read the books and they 60% have commets like omg thats not how it should be or etc. etc..... This way its a good show with good plot and story , i wish there would be more than 10 episodes a year .... but ok it's good show with good story and plot i rly like it :) http://forum.femina....ge/thumb/117136
  7. Inceptor

    How would you rate episode 308?

    i gave it 9 , seems fair, it was good episode and made me watch it 2 times .... its rare for me to watch any series and their episodes 2-3 times....
  8. Inceptor

    [Book Spoilers] EP308 Discussion

    As a guy who hasnt read any of the books i have to say it was good episode , cant wait for the finale Now the list 1st Gendry is getting more action in bed than me and i dont like that .... i do wonder how will Robb /Joff and the other lord die ... probably will see in the finale 2nd The hound becamed good ? , finaly the Arya will see her brother and mother , before they get burned or something... 3rd Tyrion best of the best , proving his goodness and i hope he wont die any time soon.. 4th RLY ? Sam ... RLY ? ... 8 thousand and who knows how long living whitewalker walks up to a unskilled fat boy who loves a overly abused from father girl with no company (hey im going to kidnap a baby from a crow who has been at the fist of the first man , mby they dig up something that defeated us long time ago...mby i should send more than 1 walker , NAH ..... ) and tries to take a baby only to be stabbed and dies? , if i was on his place i would be like , TAKE THE WOMAN , TAKE THE BABY , LET ME LIVE PLEASE I DONT WANA DIE LIKE A VIRGIN. *With cry and pissing in my paints.... 5th I also like the guy who cuts his own friends heads so he can get some mother of the dragon ass ...... Season four incoming sex scenes with Daenerys and the " im the simple man" 6th Im not sure if people hate Shae because she will do something awful to Tyrion .. or because she is a whore in real life too .... i keep forgeting to download her porn stuff ... 7th and final , My prediction for the finale is Daenerys Wins the battle and sails for the westeros , 2 Lords and 1 King die , Jaimie return of the new king , Tyrion owning some father ass , Stanis owning everyone :P Now the questions Who takes Robbs place if he dies? , Blackfish ? i would like him to leed the armies .... i think im going to see Arya leading thousans of men in season 4 or 5 ... idk i have that feeling .... Who takes Joffrey place if he dies ? , The queen? , Stanis? , nvm dont answer i think in season 4 i will know ... As a virgin i approve all sex scenes and naked girls Thats it from me this episode , Cant wait for episode 9
  9. Dude there cant be fighting and killing in every episode , this is not a movie :) BTW from a guy who hasnt read the books i rly like Ramsay But thats just me i like twisted and crazy people who play twisted and crazy games with other people :P At some point i was wondering if i see some SAW scenarios here :) , Poor Theon getting cut and stuff
  10. As a guy who hasnt read the books i liked this episode , Especially the tyrion and bear scenes . As a guy i loved dem naked girls I have to ask , is that red woman going to fuck that boy or what??. i took a sneak peak i know she will live untill the last book as well as Jaime ... i hope tyrion as well :) Now some notes Theon , poor theon , they say man can lose his house , wife , everything in his life .... but if he loses his downstairs pride its GAME OVER !!! ..... Why do i get a feeling Jon is going to team up with pair of wargs 2 crazy woman and a hodor and kick some beyond the wall ass ? Robb and Joffrey are going to die ...? damn these starks were all happy and together at the beggining and now they all going down , at last episode of the last season i rly hope i get to see atleast 1 stark alive..... Well i hope i see more and more and it never ends
  11. Inceptor

    [Book Spoilers] EP305 Discussion

    If you lost your children in a war or any other way you would go crazy as well , probably would try the revenge , keeping some awkward stuff home and etc. Dont say that someone is insane or crazy just because after so much pain they had no other choice but to give up from the normal life .... The moral of the story Dont sex your sister or you get a child like Joffrey , start wars and stuff .....
  12. I'm glad i havent read the books , this way i dont know what will come. To many armies there are..... 7 if i counted corectly :P , but somehow i think that the mother of dragons will prevail at the end , ofc after the dragons burn all the whitewalkers and lanisters ....
  13. Every man in the world wants to have the skills of Podrick :P..... dont deny it .... Anyway as a guy who hasnt read any of the books i rly like this show , even sometimes they give up some battle or name i rly dont know what is it as i never saw it or read about it. I will keep watching because of the dwarf , since Ned is dead and he is the only alive person in the show that i admire. Btw idk how it will end but Whitewalkers>Men Dragons>Whitewalkers I asume dragons will burn some whitewalker asses since its their only weekness :) , but what do i know i never read the books :) , i think in some way its better not knowing what could and would happen in the next episodes
  14. Inceptor

    How would you rate episode 303?

    I was going to give 9, but the hand+bear = 10