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  1. I also agree... And no LS cliffhanger might be one of the biggest blunders D&D have made.
  2. I was thinking to myself "How can they fuck this up", after watching the Giants, Mammoths, Thorne and other magnificent performances... BUT THAT ENDING!!11!!???? My fucking god... How anti-climatic. Now Stannis' arrival is going to be played down like hell most likely because scenes like Dany locking her dragons away and Tyrion killing Tywin are going to be in line for being the final scenes of the season. I'm convinced D&D have it in for him....
  3. I can only give it an 8 purely because we didn't get Stannis and it was so damn fucking short So yeah, great episode apart from the ending which was garbage.
  4. Was that Moat Cailin in the opening? Why would they put it there?
  5. There are Unsullied who go to whore houses just to cuddle in the books. Is it really that different with Missandei and Grey Worm? Not saying I like their story but saying it's wholly D&D's fault is stupid.
  6. 8/10 The fight was pretty much a 1:1 copy from the books. Maybe a little abridged, but that is TV. The guy who played the Mountain was actually pretty decent (if he spoke the lines.) I'm going to miss Pedro so much. Sansa scenes very good and I prefer this change. They might still bring in Harry the Heir when Petyr decides Robin is fucked regardless. Theon scenes were okay. Really gutted about there being no mention of Vic etc, although I won't mind if the King's moot is cut. Dany scene and Grey Worm x Missandei were meh to bleh. A little meaningless and Emilia's acting was mediocre. Jorah and Barristan were good though...
  7. They're having a trial of sorts and I think Sansa will just come out with 'she fell'...
  8. Team Dragonstone scene sucked, but apart from that, I liked it. 8/10.
  9. 9. My favourite of the season for sure... The filler scene with Asha was pretty pointless but was still better than Craster's keep because it didn't drag on. Ramsay and Reek scene was good, and the rest was outstanding.
  10. The filler was way better than the Craster's keep shit we got and the Trial delivered. Very good episode.
  11. I swear that was already in AFFC... OT 6/10. Not very good imo. Vale scenes were good but the filler was off the scale.
  12. Well they dun goofed with the statement that Casterly Rock is broke. The books suggest that while the Crown is in debt, the Lannisters were still in the black and unwilling to go into their own coffers for the Crown's debt...
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