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  1. Also: to whoever complained about people showing compassion towards jaime, because they had not forgotten what he has done. GRRM always states that he believes there is good and evil in all of his characters. i like how the show is true to the books regarding jaimes transformation. Jaime is the best and he will continue to transform into one of the more beloved characters on the show.
  2. i cant wait for theon to realize whats happening. he'll be all angry and sweary at ramsay the next time he sees him, threatening him and what not. and then BOOM: Im ramsay, bitch!
  3. Alizard. the thing is, that paticular series of events is not in the books, so we can only speculate. i would say, with what i know from the books, that ramsay is trying to completely mess with theon, to break him psychologically. you have to remember, theon still doesnt know that that boy is ramsay bolton, his captor himself.
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