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  1. First off, LOL at the Stoneheart whiners. Ho-LEE-crap, Batman! Nerds gonna nerdrage, eh? Anyway, gave it a 9, hypocritically...for the very same reason. I thought an LS ending would have been more impactful, but it didn't do much more than a single points worth of damage to my overall enjoyment. Besides, I'm still holding hope for her appearance next season.
  2. The bloody, bloody hell does this have to do with anything?
  3. Easiest and only 10/10 from me, ever. My favorite scene from the book translated so 'effing well on the show. I was terrified it wouldn't live up, it couldn't possibly live up, my god how could it live up? And while it's not as intense...it was close to being the damn finest hour of television I've ever seen. Most of the criticism I've seen so far was that "nothing happened" or "I don't care about the wall or Jon Snow". Well....TOO BAD. Because that story is a helluva lot more important than all your golden children in Politico Landing. FFS.
  4. Fan of beetles.

  5. I'd imagine that the writers are responsible for the scenes in the episode they're credited with penning, minus the random scene being moved around. But seeing as the only writers this season aside from GRRM himself and Bryan Cogman are David and Dan...it's likely to assume they wrote what you're seeing. http://time.com/2809061/game-of-thrones-exploding-head/
  6. They are always specifically credited. So again, what are you talking about?
  7. Heh. Funny stuff. This is the only place I can come to where I've felt pretty "meh" about an episode and everybody here is raving, then I'm pretty stoked and everybody here is...well...fuckin' beetle-hating. Only thing which really bothered me is the "Welp, it ain't 'Rains o' Castamere' so it MUST be 'The Bear and the Maiden Fair' the only two goddamn songs in the history of Westeros!" and I'll admit I'm a bit perplexed as to what the heck they're going to do with Arya and the Hound from here...though I'd imagine something happens where they're threatened with captivity, they fight, get away, Hound gets injured, etc. Definitely loved seeing Sansa In Charge 2.0, as this was a storyline in the books which I'd admittedly skim and am conversely wicked-excited about watching develop on the show. What are you talking about, dude?
  8. Just for shits... Loved it. Her laugh was worth that entire scene Loved it. What. Yes it was. I honestly can't remember the fight from the books. So let's talk about defining the word "forgettable" for a second. Because I'm fairly certain I'll never forget that scene from the show.
  9. Good, bad. Meh. The books have plenty moments where "nothing is happening" but your quench for depth is being sated. This was one of those episodes...with a salting of nice action scenes. No complaints here.
  10. Assuming it was a visual metaphor for his deteriorating condition, no? Like a vision of himself only he sees? Served well enough, I thought. Anyway, I appreciate the show best when it combines the longer sequences with the "catching up" exposition episodes. Wolf and Hound scenes made me lol. Gave it a solid 8.
  11. 8/10 Loved it. Fucking love Oberyn and that last scene was a god-damned classic in the making.
  12. 9, though it deserves a 9.5 (I don't think I could give anything a perfect score). Brutal as all hell, almost as bad as it was for me when I read it. Really enjoyed how they tried to trick the non-book readers by dousing the wedding with levity.
  13. Heh, yes. Well that was the show's explanation for her losing her robe at least. ;)
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