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  1. I won't lie, I feel like a piece of me died last night. I LOVE the Starks and even though I knew it was coming, it didn't help. The entire episode was filled with A+ acting and will be one of the most remembered episodes of any series, ever. That being said I think HBO/Martin took it a little too far with their slap in the face of Eddard/Stark fans. As if Stark fans don't have it bad enough already: - Bran paralyzed - Eddard dead - Sansa married to the Imp - Arya seeing the RW - Robb and Cat dead They had to add in "If it is a boy, his name will be Eddard". How about FU HBO! Was that really necessary? You give the Eddard/Stark fans some happiness for a change only to have the would-be-son-named-Eddard STABBED 10 TIMES!! I'll continue watching obviously but I really don't blame some fans for their rage right now. It was cold, very very cold.
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