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    [Book Spoilers] EP306 Discussion

    I liked this episode. Tywin and Olenna's scene was very good. Finally someone who can keep his wits intact while discussing with QoT and Tywin is just the right person for that. In the books the Bran stuff was a little boring, but in the show I'm really liking his journey. The actors are all so very good - I'm especially enamored by the Reeds. And did Rickon actually speak? lol The Mel/Gendry/BWB storyline seems exciting as well. I guess I'm getting old or something, but the deviated stuff is starting to seem almost more interesting than more book-faithful storylines. I must be the only one who isn't sold on Jaime/Brienne scenes. In the books theirs was perhaps my favourite storyline, but I'm just not feeling it here. I like Gwendoline Christie though. While I understand the need to keep Theon in the show, the torture scenes are unpleasant to say the least (yes, I'm a wuss) and seem disjointed. They could use the time more wisely. The Wall climb was very well done. It seemed a lot more horrendous than in the books, I definitely couldn't have make it. The banter between Jon and Ygritte felt natural and I'm starting to like their developing relationship. Goodbye, Ros. I never really liked you, but I didn't hate you either, and that was a very shocking and sad way to go.
  2. Sniraga

    [Book Spoilers] EP305 Discussion

    I also thought this was a good episode. The Stannis household dynamics were perhaps the most pleasant surprise. While Selyse with her jars was too much for my taste, the discussion she had with Stannis was delightfully awkward. And Shireen was a darling! I liked how she interacted with both her father and Davos. The scene with Arya and Gendry was heartfelt as well. Really enjoyed the discussion between Jorah and Barristan, too. I don't remember well how Jorah-Barristan relationship was handled in the books, but it seems like more interesting here (perhaps because of the actors, they're both stellar and charismatic). I like the mix between camaraderie and suspiciousness they're expressing. And on a more shallow note, the nakedness (and there was quite a lot of it) felt finally like an integral and natural part of the story. Who would've guessed? I actually liked the scene because it was nice to see Tyrion tongue-tied for a change. I mean, even he has to experience that sometimes and is there anyone better to outwit him than QoT? Although I'll admit that since QoT has done the same thing over and over again, it's getting a bit repetitive. On the other hand, Tyrion's comment to Tywin about getting the Tyrells to pay half of the wedding expenses made me think that perhaps Tyrion had in fact played Olenna... or maybe he was just trying to impress his father, I don't know.