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  1. I remember but this time it was intentional and they used the trick she used at harrenhall dropping the coin. BtW I'm on my iPad too don't you have the Lil quote and edit buttons on the bottom of each post?
  2. Arya's first kill, I can't look at her without wanting to cry.
  3. 8/10 one point for no uncat (that would have been the way to finish as the other mother) and one because they've finally confirmed the tru love story of shae n Tyrion.
  4. I wonder if roslin will admit to her knowledge of the RW to edmure like the books, she wasn't all tears during the wedding?
  5. was it just my imagining or when cat stopped screaming you can hear her heart turn to stone or it could be crackling from the fire behind her.
  6. must be the same people that spit on actors cause they cant tell the role from the actor.
  7. Plus it's been so long sinse we saw naked Dany, was it the end of season 1? I can't remember, now that I think about it we needed that dose of Dany nude to remember why we watch the show.
  8. I really want someone on here to do a Lil experiment and see how it really feels, it might be pleasurable.
  9. Mel saying the lambs never see the knife, many obviously thing that might be foreshadowing (god I hate that word it's so overused) but could it be Tyrion the little lamb that won't see shae's knife?
  10. Thank you but I couldn't possibly re-read Sansa's chapters. I'm sure there are people that can recite the books backwards and come up with why something is so-and-so but I read the books formed by own opinions and that's not how I saw the stark children, but that's one of the things I like about here everyone has their own opinion even the ones that make no sense :)
  11. Don't make up stuff just because you want sansa to be more than what she is. Everything sansa is she got from her mother, she's the most if not the only 'Tully' child out of the stark children.
  12. Is daario leading Jorah n greyworm throughout the sewers? Doesn't that happen in meereen?
  13. I only have a problem with nudity when it takes away from the story, there's too many character and stories in GoT that need to be told that everytime they decide to put in unnecessary sex scenes or nudity it takes more away then it gives.
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