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  1. This was a 7 for me. not a bad episode, certainly one of the good ones, but some things fell short for me. The "Could have been betters": I didn't feel that excited by the storm of the wildlings in the beginning. I am a bit weirded out by the Grey Worm thing, is it really necessary? I guess I can dig the idea of creating more dramatic depth amongst the minor characters in the Eastern Storyline, but this is just contrived. The "Awesome": I was happy with what they did with Jorah's exile, glad they got Selmy to be the whistle-blower after all, though this whole thing was handled much better in the book. I'd like to see Dany reflect on the three betrayals a bit after this. The Moat Cailin stuff and Ramsey's boon was cool. The fight was excellent. I loved the TV version of Prince Oberyn and even though I knew what would happen from the book, I wanted to see him live (though I suppose I would have trolled if he did, lol). I'm happy to see Sansa being given a bit more competence, even at the risk of canon.