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  1. Laughable episode. Some cool moments like giant bow, Thorne and Chekov's kiddo, but overall very underwhelming. Bad CGI and non-sensical, Rambo style action (how many crows did Tormund and Ygritte kill between themselves? 50?) with lame choreography (the Thorne/Tormund fight was a complete embarassment). Most of the action cornerstones were either stupid or pointless (like, why would they drop that scythe on 6 people? Why would they use a mammoth to tear out the gate when they could've just lifted it and propped it with something? Why would Jon jump from 12 feet when he just got stabbed in the thigh a week earlier just to have a cool moment? Why did the wildling attack on the Wall consist of about 30 people at max? And so on and on and on). How did those two idiots even get their ends on the books? The censorship department of the Chinese goverment would make a better job of adapting it than those two butchers. Whenever they put their hands on something and try to change it, it becomes a pure, stinking shit. Not to mention them killing Grenn and Pyp for no reason. Inb4 Stannis genocides the wildlings next week, just after Mance and Jon reach a peaceful agreement of them crossing the Wall (this will take 2 minutes of screentime before it cuts to some glorious Daenerys/Tyrion stuff).
  2. I'll give it 9 because I was laughing uncontrollably the entire way, Sansa pleasantly surprised me, the duel was cool, Oberyn's death was nicely graphic and bonus point for naked Missandei.
  3. Sansa turned around quicker than your average wrestler
  4. oh my god, kill this lovestory and throw it to fire
  5. 9 I was about to give it 7 because of too much cringeworthy Shae speaking, but Dinklage saved it So my only complain is the lenght and the lame Ironborn/Dreadfort guys fight