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  1. Teardrops

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    She somehow gets captured by Cersei who, according to Quiburn, had "a different plan" for her (= making Daenerys her monster-puppet like the Mountain to use her in some capacity? ) . So Jon will kill her "reanimated corpse". I don't know... XD
  2. That, if possible, makes the scene even worse because it either means Arya is really The Flash ( between Jon's yells and her jumping the night king there are maybe 2 seconds? ) or that Viseryon engaged Jon into a staring contest long enough to die before he could incinerate him. And it doesn't make sense. Ergo just excuses or wishful thinking.
  3. Teardrops

    Episode 4 preview

    Maybe it's just me being in denial regarding the fact that they ended the WW's storyline in that way and it's simply going to be all about Cersei and the fight for the iron throne but... Now that the (not so) Great War has ended, Jon and Dany have to face that "little" revelation regarding Jon's identity. Daenerys didn't seem inclined to just believe Bran and Sam on their words and others are going to be equally skeptical so I can see Jon needing something or... someone that could testify or validate the story. -->Howland Reed. ( I know the tv audience have no idea who he is but - at this point - I don't think we need many explanations or build up to introduce him. Just have Meera there and/or a couple of lines about him and Ned's history would be enough. ) As we can see in the preview Jon is noticeably absent from the 'toast' scene ( it makes me think that there is either something wrong between Dany and him or he's not there for some important reason ) and in another scene we see him going somewhere alone with Davos. So what if, while going South for whatever mission he is on, he ends up in the Greywater Watch area? We took Howland absence from the Battle of Winterfell as a sign that D&D chose to just forget about the Reeds (and it's probably the case XD ). But what if there is a reason? What if along some new proof re:Jon=Aegon we learn that they fought the 'wrong' enemy/the battle isn't over? IIRC when he was younger Howland spent a winter on the Isle of Faces (that appears,even if not named, in the opening sequence) to met the greenmen. So maybe he knows there is a piece of the puzzle regarding the NK/Others's history they missed...? Yeah, I know. Ignore me. ---- (sorry for my english )
  4. Teardrops

    Is this really the end of the Night King?

    I really hope it is not the end. That was like the most anticlimatic thing I ever seen.
  5. Teardrops

    [Book Spoilers] EP310 Discussion

    what the heck was that?
  6. Thank you, from you is a compliment. :)
  7. Absolutely. You meant: * in my opinon :) :lol:
  8. Oh gosh this is getting ridiculous.. :lmao: I'm done. Anyway for the record, she's undoubtley a beautiful woman but I'm a woman .. a straight woman.
  9. I like someone that according to you is blank faced in almost every scene. ;)
  10. You took her phrase and completely distorted its meaning. Do you think that she said what she said because she wanted him to suddenly change his mind and start yelling "the war is over let's go home"? Really? :uhoh: Talisa just expressed, as a neutral and external observer, her opinion and her disapproval of wars. What she said about the wrongness of innocent people dying wasn't that obvious because those people were in most cases just numbers for their king/lord/whatever. It wasn't Robb's case of course but she learned this only after their meeting ... Are you serious? Being strong and also sweet is possible you know, they aren't opposite or conflicting traits, it doesn't make you bipolar. :lol: You don't like Oona acting. You don't see chemistry. And it's okay but this is just your opinion. I'm sure others agree with you but there also people like me who like her acting and see chemistry between her and Richard and for those people her character and their lovestory worked. Opinions. Tastes. Here in my country we use to say "the world is beautiful because it is varied". ;) The funny thing is that 'I haven't talked to one person off this site' that actually *hate* her. From what I saw and heard people like her, don't like her or are indifferent to her and this is pretty much the same response Jeyne got from book readers. The 'majority' you're talking about is probably just the most vocal part of the fandom and it doesn't necessarily represent it in its entirety. In fact I remember people here claiming that the majority of the viewers "didn't like Robb/Cat anymore" and that "the RW wasn't going to have the same impact and that people would barely care for them" but then last sunday after the episode internet literally IMPLODED. :rolleyes:
  11. Again, why is it odd if a person has different character's traits? If you don't find believable her other traits doesn't mean that she is a 'flip flop character' but that her character doesn't work for you. Oona's acting didn't succeded in making you believe her. Just keep in mind that: personal opinion =/= fact. What you are saying it's not what Talisa said. She didn't say 'killing your enemy is wrong' but 'the war is wrong. Innocent people who had nothing to do with Joffrey's crime (or in the Lannister's eyes Robb's treason) are risking their lives and dying horrible deaths and this is unjust." She didn't see Lannisters or Starks but boys and men, people. It's called humanity not stupidity. That is your personal impression and perception. I don't see her as 'artificially naive' and stupid. What make her an idiot, her idealism? Or the fact that you don't like her and just can't look at her character objectively? That line isn't an 'exclusively pacifistic stand', yeah, it's a logic comment in response to Robb's previous statement in their confrontation. Her words reflected ( and showed us) Robb's inner turmoil and doubts and gave him a way to face them and rationalize them. You can not like the way they chose do it , it's ok, but that is - among others- her purpose in that scene and what really matter in the end.
  12. * http://s20.postimg.o...gx6d98t/erm.gif * You are practically saying that pacifist are idiots that shouldn't express their 'naive' opinion and that a person can't be strong and also sweet . Do you realize how absurd it is? I understand you don't like her, and it's ok, but that's it. You don't like her, Talisa's character didn't work for you. But the arguments you are using against her are so ridicolous that I'm starting to think that you're just a troll and I'm wasting my time.
  13. She acted like she was against the war. She talked about how wrong it was. How injust it was and pointed out how much it cost to people like the man they just helped. When she said 'I don't know' Robb was talking about strategies. You know, you can be a 'pacifist' without being a tactician. she said that making innocent people die is wrong not seeking revenge. She was criticizing the method not the reason. You saw her as bitchy. I saw her as strong, honest and direct (and then simple, sweet and caring). Something Robb would appreciate for the reasons I already stated. You find hilarious that someone who isn't pretentious, arrogant, touchy and is willing to be challenged exist? Oh well, this say it all. Yeah, it doesn't matter anymore.That lovely character sadly is gone and I'm going to miss the wonderful job they did with Catelyn and Robb. ;) I wonder who will be the next character (some) people will concentrate their need to criticize for the sake of it ...
  14. Because you said that "As noble as he is, that's no justification for anyone to say he would actually like being challenged against his authority" and IMO a person who 'doesn't like to be challenged against his authority' is a tyrant. A noble and just man could not like the way someone address him but he would listen nonetheless and if what she/he said is right he would recognize it and appreciate it. Robb could have been taken aback by her boldness but why should he have been annoyed by it? Not only he grew up in a home where strong and free-spirited women were accepted but they were sorrounded by dead and wounded men and they just finished to amputate a leg, I think he could understand her "bitchness" ( your perception not mine ) and if she forgot her manners a little. But even if her tone was too discourteous for you, she was giving him an external outlook (something he was interested in) and asking the right questions so there is nothing absurd if he liked the confrontation. Talisa had a strong opinion about the silliness and wrongness of this kind of conflicts but she never claimed to be an 'expert in the art of war', so what's wrong with her saying that she doesn't know nothing about strategies or tactics?