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    [Poll] How would you rate episode 506

    YES. so much important stuff happens here, arya's storyline has developed the full feast for crows, Sandsnakes will finally get locked up, jorah and tyrion are finally on a slave ship to slavers bay, Margaery is finally locked up, not for the right reasons, but still, it's canon. i gave it an 8/10. knocked off a point for poor execution in Dorne - lets just walk into the water gardens ... no guards or anything. Also, lets have Obara fight Jaimie. she should have taken him out in seconds if not for his brand new shiny plot armour. any of them could actually kill goldenhand in seconds (as im not sure if it was obara fighting jaimie) - knocked off another point because of Sansa. nothing else needs to be said... but if she is Jeyne Poole now, that should have been expected, but i didnt see it coming. Sansa is still an unraped maid in my eyes.