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    A Song of Ice and Fire, oddly enough. I've read the books, am currently re-reading specific chapters. Of the show, I've seen clips from youtube, but I don't actually watch it.
    Outside ASoIaF, I run xc, listen to alternative music, and read. A lot.
  1. no_payne_no_gain

    Red Wedding - Robb's failure justified?

    So I've been rereading A Storm of Swords and one thing that I picked up on is that at the feast, the Freys purposefully sent away the members of their family that would be sympathetic to Robb and his cause. If we remember Olyvar, who was Robb's squire and wanted to stay with him, Catelyn asks where he is at the feast and the Frey sitting next to her says he isn't there. He also says that Ser Perwyn Frey, who went with Catelyn to treat with Renly back in Clash, wasn't at the wedding either... So I think the Frey's made sure that the family members who would NOT be cool with murdering their liege lord and breaking guest right weren't there.
  2. no_payne_no_gain

    [Book Spoilers] EP309 Discussion

    I honestly thought he was trying to put the moves on her right then. And I've read the books.