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    Hi all! My name is Rachi, and I'm a long time lurker :blushing: . I have to confess that these forums have become an integral part of my nightly bedtime ritual - I can't seem to beat my insomnia unless I curl up in bed with my laptop/phone and browse through theory threads for a while. I wanted to offer MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF GRATITUDE to you all for creating such interesting threads to read, and for pointing out the many things that still escaped me after my very, very many readthroughs of the books. I love having the opportunity to geek out over the series - even if it's privately, at 3am- and really enjoy engaging with the texts on a new level. Anyway, I'm off to do my nightly thing, so thanks again! I hope that I will have something interesting to contribute one day, and pay it all forward. x Rachi Also, I promise that I actually do have a life. Mostly.