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  1. Well....*sigh* There was a lot of good in this episode. I espcially loved the scenes with Jon and Mance Ryder. The arrival of Stannis and Davos was epic too. I loved the scene with Brieanne and the Hound. Seeing Bran finally reach the tree was great, but I think that could have waited until next season. It took time away from Tyrion. The scene with Tyrion - Oh my, they changed it so much from the books. Sure it was good to see Tyrion and Jaime departing on good terms but, seriously, no mention of Tysha? No having Tyrion shoot back to Jaime about Cersei and all the men she has bedded? I would have liked to see Tyrion's epic last moments in King's Landing be more flushed out and more true to the books. For that is an part of this wonderful story that had so much meaning and was a game-changer for the Lannisters. Oh and where in the Seven Bloody Hells was Lady Stoneheart???! All in all I give this episode an 8.
  2. I gave it a 9. No matter what else happened in the episode, Tyrion's trial was amazing and heart-braking. And OMG, the sheer mad passion of anger that Dinklage was able to portray at the end of the episode was nothing short of brilliant!
  3. Oh I totally agree. Seeing Sansa with her crazy Aunt Lysa was awsome. I even enjoyed seeing annoying little Sweet Robin again!
  4. I thought is was just an OK episode. A bit slower and not as exciting or interesting as the previous ones this season. So I will give it a 7. I must say though, the Craster's Keep scenes were awesome. I also loved how Bran managed to join the battle by warging into Hodor. Well done!
  5. This one thanks you for your sweet greeting Lord Weirgaryen!
  6. Hello everyone. I'm totally new and have only posted a few times. I go by the name of one of my favorite characters, Missandei. I've been a GoT fan since season 2 and feel in love with it. I've reads all the books and can say by now I'm pretty much addicted. I'm a bit shy, and It's kind of scary posting, but I'm trying to be brave. LOL
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