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  1. I imagine they will play it as Jamie struggling with the fact that he already took one wife from his brother; he can't take another even if he promised...
  2. The ending was uncomfortable for all the reasons stated, but I think if you consider it with what is coming, it will look better in hindsight. I personally believe the show is skipping Mereen entirely, and Dany will do all her Mereen stuff as the leader of Yunkai. If so then, the show is setting her up as the savior of these people, but really her dragon is about to eat some people, sickness, starvation, and a good portion of the rest of the continent will mobilize to unseat her. So... if I am right and she will rule Yunkai instead of Mereen, the last scene really just sets up her arch of going from savior to not-so-great leader. Since the last book left off without really resolving that whole situation, it's hard to say whether her arch ends with complete failure or not, but we'll see.
  3. "I know a real killer... he'd kill you with his littlefinger." Don't remember if this line exists in the book, but either way, cute line by whoever wrote it as a double reference.
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