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  1. I love reading comments and prediction from you non-readers. They're very interesting and I enjoy hearing new perspectives from those who enjoy the show without having read the books first! Curse anyone who spoils you.
  2. I gave it a 10, the first 10 I'd give an Episode this season. There was no reason for Stannis to be in this episode, the first night of the battle on the wall. I think people forget that he comes during the day. I honestly feel a lot of the 1 ratings are being a bit irrational here. I would only rate a show a 1 if it was completely and utterly unwatchable beyond 5 minutes in, which the episode certainly was not. Edit: Also, I like Sam. He's my favorite part of the current wall storyline.
  3. Element works even better. It could have been a gigantic flaming sabertooth tiger and it'd still be awesome.
  4. I don't see Dany needing even 10 minutes. She should probably get two scenes (one of her learning about the child, the other with the caging). I see 6-7. Maybe 8, depending on how long the first scene takes. Dany doesn't need a sweeping, slowed-down walk out of the cage where she chains her dragons to sad-yet-epic music.
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