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  1. IIRC, Ned remembers Lyanna saying of Robert: "Love is sweet, but it cannot change a man's nature." Basically she knew that Robert would never stay faithful to any one woman. He might--probably would-- have been less of a screw-up with Lyanna than he became with Cersei. But then Cersei's malignant nature would F-up anybody's brain.
  2. Well, if the story of Dawn's origin is true, that it is made from the metal of a meteorite, then it isn't likely to be ice-magic-forged. Meteorites glow due to heat from friction as they fall through the atmosphere. So the metal would have been hot when it arrived, then hot again when it was forged into a sword. If the origin story is true, then Dawn has been around since the first men and could predate the Long Night. If it survived the WW invasion, that could imply that it can fight successfully against WWs and their ice swords.
  3. Is there any evidence that Dawn has similar characteristics to Valerian steel? Could it for instance, kill White Walkers? I know it was forged from a meteor. But the wiki description implies it is kind of opposite of Valerian steel which is dark in color whereas Dawn is white.
  4. Actually the sword Brienne carries is called Oathkeeper.