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  1. Well, it is a different name, but it is one of the driving characters through the books. We call her LS instead of Catelyn Stark, but it is still Catelyn coming back. The exclusion of that is rather large. She can come back mid season, but having a character like that come back and be the cliffhanger is, as shown by the books, a pretty solid ending.
  2. It's interesting to see what the triggers are. People are having specific scenes or interactions get changed, mutilated or even left out and pinning it mostly on the specific episode. I think this season has been very good up to this point, but I think there has probably been 3 episodes worth of screen time that really hasn't added to the series as it stands now. For example, Missandei & GreyWorm. I don't see any value in that romance story. The hint there being that GW may not be a eunuch (fine, it's a change from the books for what we know now) just goes against everything we've been given/shown/told. if we find out in the next book that GW isn't actually a eunuch (somehow) and there is a romance for him, cool. But right now that seems like a waste where there definitely have been things missed or cut short that should have (in my opinion) been given better time. Less talk of crushing beetles, more talk of Oberyn/Mountain. Less Missandei, more prep at the Wall.
  3. Stannis is still on the way. He'll show up. No, I don't have to agree with that - it's going to be fine when Jon goes into the camp and we then get to see what 100,000 wildlings looks like and how fucked the NW truly are. It would be great if people gave opinions of the show and not just other peoples opinions or name calling. Pretty much this. This was the set up. This was the fight to set up the battle. We get to see it as all holy hell, and Mance hasn't even sent in his army. The episode was ok - I'm much more interested in the politics and intrigue, so an episode of mostly just a battle isn't as interesting to me. For what they were doing, they did fine. Thorne was a badass - he ALMOST sounded like he was going to be nice to Snow and then dicked him. Snow - Kit's very much coming into his own, though the Ygritte scene looked like it was a dress rehearsal and not the real thing. Course, since they haven't seen each other in forever, might be forgiven. Sam - did an amazing job this episode, I just wish we got a little less of them so that what - may - happen later is that much more a surprise/event. Ygritte - Rose looked wooden. Maybe that was her trying to portray showing no feelings, but it didn't come across well. I give it a 7. Fight was fine, the giant arrow through the NW was cool, Ghost looked great for the 3 seconds he was there, but just didn't have the oomph I expect based on the source material.
  4. This. Paying attention to the last few episodes, how many times was it said there are more than 100,000 wildlings out there? And how many were killed in the battle? So there's still more than 100,000 out there and the NW lost...40% of their men? That fight might be over, but the battle is far from over. Stannis not showing up in the middle of that fight is fine - my hope is that they don't go back to the wall until the 2nd to last thing next week. Have Jon with Mance...have the horns blow and watch Stannis and his men run through the Wildlings right after Mance says he will crush all the crows. He gets his moment in the sun. This isn't anything with book purists...it's specifically about Stannis not showing up in this episode. It actually is following the books from that standpoint. Just because someone doesn't think that Stannis not showing up isn't a crime doesn't mean they are D&D fans. I agree. Since they have decided to add in a lot of filler/additional scenes it needs to go back to episode 1 - and prior seasons - to drive the critique of the sitation being rushed or split. Could this have been handled in one episode? Maybe, but I don't think it would have looked/felt as strong. While I would have liked a better cliffhanger ending - Snow getting to Mance's tent maybe - I think splitting it is going to be fine. Stannis will come in and save the day with his men, the NW will live on and next season we will see the discussions about the castles of the NW being turned over.
  5. So this was the episode from Dinklage's interview that was the "stabby stabby stabby" part of his take on the show.
  6. Janos Slynt? I don't think Boros Blount made this round of the fight...
  7. be interesting to see a count of how many brothers were seen to die and how many they say are left. Starting with 102 they're down....a shitload.
  8. Aemon droppin' the knowledge on Sam. And Sam showing some balls....but no pink mast yet
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