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  1. Greywolf2375

    What are things you do for self-care?

    I workout, I read, I take hour long walks, I recently went to a spa for the first time to have a facial done - it was amazing.
  2. Greywolf2375

    Bronn - Highgarden and Master of Coin? Really?

    It was fun to see Bronn survive it all the way he did....but getting a seat there and then the dialogue in that conversation was just painful. Master of coin...no...
  3. No - this doesn't change how I look at the books or will read them when they come out. If this is the broad ending that was talked about, I think I will be disappointed that Bran ends up as the king but as far as comparing the two together...not really. For all of the stuff that seems to be missed between the show and the books and even within the show itself, I don't look at the early seasons as favorably as I did. This is a bigger, more expensive BSG.
  4. Greywolf2375

    Avengers Endgame- SPOILERS II

    This is what i was going to say - when SW came out, if you didn't see it in a theatre, you didn't see it. Now I can generally count on 2 fingers the number of movies I have to see in a theatre and what I will wait for. This year was Capt Marvel and Endgame. I might even go see Endgame again before buying it and watching it a dozen times at home.
  5. Greywolf2375

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Getting Sneaky

    Same - I was flipping around and saw that TBBT was on for an hour and took a shot that it was the series finale. Because of one line in there - which really has nothing to do with the series - it will be one of my favorite finales. "Do you wanna" - because that's how I proposed. I hadn't seen any episodes in a couple seasons, but it was nice to see the closure and the final scenes.
  6. Greywolf2375

    Rant & Rave without Repercussion: Burn It All Edition

    It wasn't but that's funny!
  7. Greywolf2375

    Rant & Rave without Repercussion: Burn It All Edition

    <screen starts out black and slowly lights up as the camera pans above a bed to see two people sleeping with candles on their bed tables> <Ned Stark sits straight up in bed and shakes Catelyn> "Cat! I just had the worst dream! There is something I have to tell you...." <screen goes black>
  8. Greywolf2375

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 805?

    Not sure how to rate this...big negative for me for valonqar/Jaime/Cersei - the prophecy, the redemption, nah - ignore it all in a way, a negative for the use of the dragon - if they were this powerful, it would have taken about 5 minutes for Dany to go to KL and nuke the Red Keep and then keep going north - most of the innocents who died would not have and the "real" fight with the Nights King would have still happened. Or not because she would have been able to go to the wall and then just destroy everything that moved north of it. so very cool visual of destroying KL, but negative because of the inconsistent writing. Cleganebowl was cool - glad to see Qyburn get killed by his creation. While Sandor was focused on Gregor, in a way not sure why he would have let Cersei just walk past him. I liked the interaction between Sandor and Arya Appropriate how Varys got his end - while I would have liked to have seen him keep on paddling, play on the knifes edge long enough and eventually you'll get cut. Euron v Jaime...not a fan of that; Euron should have been toast from the explosion And just not a fan at all of how Dany has morphed - there is always a straw that broke the camels back perspective, but this doesn't make sense.
  9. Greywolf2375

    They ruined Jaime once and for all

    The ending of How I Met Your Mother ruined that series for me - after years of tons of reasons to stay away from the ex, he ends up with her. Same thing here, actually going back to Cersei to be with her is just poor writing - and if GRRM ends Jaime's arc the same way, I'll say the same thing about it then as well.
  10. Greywolf2375

    Exercise and Fitness: bro science debunked

    awesome, congrats!
  11. Greywolf2375

    Exercise and Fitness: bro science debunked

    He put clamps on the inside of the weights? Obviously Luke is the expert on deadlifts, but I can't think of a reason I would want the weight farther out on the bar - if i want a more challenging lift then I'd just add more weight rather than artificially making it harder. @Triskele- one thing I've learned with the tendonitis is don't "do nothing", it might be minimal activity but keeping it moving through mobility, light exercises and daily use will help. But definitely do go see someone qualified about it.
  12. Greywolf2375

    Goodbye Ghost

    Ghost is going to go off and find Nymeria and her pack, join up and then move south to eat Kings Landing.
  13. Greywolf2375

    So, Arya and Sansa are evil, right?

    We never did find out about the Horn of Joramund.
  14. Greywolf2375

    Exercise and Fitness: bro science debunked

    With just those details, it sounds like it could be either tennis or golfers elbow. Mine flares up whenever I overdo pull ups or muscle ups and don't do recovery mobilization, etc. well enough. make sure you are mobilizing your arms from fingertips to traps - before and after workouts. when mine was at its worst I was off of pulling motions - rowing, pull ups, etc - for a couple months to let it recover. A PT definitely could help out - recently i tried dry needling and while it was funky to do, it definitely improved the problem area I was having.