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  1. No - this doesn't change how I look at the books or will read them when they come out. If this is the broad ending that was talked about, I think I will be disappointed that Bran ends up as the king but as far as comparing the two together...not really. For all of the stuff that seems to be missed between the show and the books and even within the show itself, I don't look at the early seasons as favorably as I did. This is a bigger, more expensive BSG.
  2. Not sure how to rate this...big negative for me for valonqar/Jaime/Cersei - the prophecy, the redemption, nah - ignore it all in a way, a negative for the use of the dragon - if they were this powerful, it would have taken about 5 minutes for Dany to go to KL and nuke the Red Keep and then keep going north - most of the innocents who died would not have and the "real" fight with the Nights King would have still happened. Or not because she would have been able to go to the wall and then just destroy everything that moved north of it. so very cool visual of destroying KL, but negative because of the inconsistent writing. Cleganebowl was cool - glad to see Qyburn get killed by his creation. While Sandor was focused on Gregor, in a way not sure why he would have let Cersei just walk past him. I liked the interaction between Sandor and Arya Appropriate how Varys got his end - while I would have liked to have seen him keep on paddling, play on the knifes edge long enough and eventually you'll get cut. Euron v Jaime...not a fan of that; Euron should have been toast from the explosion And just not a fan at all of how Dany has morphed - there is always a straw that broke the camels back perspective, but this doesn't make sense.
  3. He put clamps on the inside of the weights? Obviously Luke is the expert on deadlifts, but I can't think of a reason I would want the weight farther out on the bar - if i want a more challenging lift then I'd just add more weight rather than artificially making it harder. @Triskele- one thing I've learned with the tendonitis is don't "do nothing", it might be minimal activity but keeping it moving through mobility, light exercises and daily use will help. But definitely do go see someone qualified about it.
  4. With just those details, it sounds like it could be either tennis or golfers elbow. Mine flares up whenever I overdo pull ups or muscle ups and don't do recovery mobilization, etc. well enough. make sure you are mobilizing your arms from fingertips to traps - before and after workouts. when mine was at its worst I was off of pulling motions - rowing, pull ups, etc - for a couple months to let it recover. A PT definitely could help out - recently i tried dry needling and while it was funky to do, it definitely improved the problem area I was having.
  5. I think here is what is missing - years ago, this show was the filet mignon of the airwaves. And it remained that way - different from the books but fantastic television. then...the pre-cook preparation started to get a little messy. the table service started to decline. the actual filet was overcooked. After a while you look at it and can still say yes, I am getting filet mignon...but it tastes like shit and could be used as the sole of my shoe. So yes, I am still getting GOT, but this show is not as good as it had been - the logical inconsistencies, poor character writing, poor decisions around fight portrayals, the list goes on. For me it's not great entertainment anymore - but I have also invested time into the show since 2007 when GRRM announced it was coming to HBO, so I am going to spend another 3 hours to see how they close out the story and then wait for him to eventually finish the books.
  6. I love the class aspect my gym has and once in a while a true partner workout is a nice break. Get to potentially increase intensity knowing there's a break coming up. Been working on handstand walks since 1/1. Went from nothing to hitting 29' yesterday - my goal for the year is 30' so pretty close. Been a lot of fun to try to get a new skill like this one!
  7. Working on walking on my hands. Sometimes it feels like it is right there...sometimes I land on my nose. Very frustrating.
  8. yeah, it took me a bit to get used to. I had gone 6 weeks with a strict no sugar/wheat plan and then at the end of that the plan added in a blow out day for me. I think because of the results I saw and how I felt it gave me the reinforcement to stick to the plan. It's been 2 1/2 years and while I've adjusted things here and there the basic process is still the same. During the first 6 week period we did test a couple times and I was going to a low level ketogenic state but I've never gone into a full keto diet.
  9. Here's the thing I keep in mind to help with that. As a background - I eat very cleanly 6 days a week and have a blow out on Saturday. During the week if there is something that I will miss out on because it is a "clean" day, I may try a bit of it. that would be something special or unique - if it's a pile of kit kats, well, I can do that on Saturday or at any time of the year. If I'm going to miss outb on an experience, I will let myself indulge a little. if it's just a "treat" - i can wait for Saturday morning and enjoy it the way I want.
  10. RIP Mr. Lee. I have no idea how many hours of my life have been spent on your creations.
  11. Oh yeah, this one hits a little harder than I thought it would. Loved those shows.
  12. I give it a 7 - thought it was a good start, don't want to overrate it and just be happy it's back on. Given some of the things we have seen with fast transitions of travel, messages, etc I'm ok with Arya going full auto on the Freys as was done. More build up would have been nice, but there's only 52 minutes to get plot moved. I'm of two minds about Sansa & Jon interaction. On one hand it shows that she does have a strength she didn't have before, on the other she also has seen enough of the political game to know that the potential of showing a weakness in front of the court isn't a wise thing to do. This is a nitpick - fully a nitpick, completely a nitpick. I get it. I hated Euron's costuming. To me if felt more like he was getting ready to go out for a night in New York than coming off of his ship.
  13. Scott - have another kid and then a random shift in one hour means nothing to your sleep schedule. Stop trying to bully everyone else into your belief....
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