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  1. ObsessedWithIceAndFire

    Thoughts on Sandor?

    I love Sandor as a character. I think he is one of GRRM's best creations in the books, and that Rory McCann has done an amazing job portraying him. That's why I was so happy to see Sandor coming back so soon in this season. Awesome scene that gives us so much to talk about IMO. I had been wondering during last season what "the point" about his arc was. I mean, his scenes were completely detached from the main storyline, and he only interacts with the BWB. No answers came, and although I immensely loved every bit of screen time devoted to the character, the fact that it seemed to "go nowhere" seemed fishy to me. Fishy as in, "nothing is explained, most of it seems unnecessary to the plot moving on, so there must be a pretty solid reason for it we'll see in the future". I mean, I get that the group is heading north and will probably be involved in the epic fight against the others. But the writers could as easily have waited for the "big reveal" and simply shown the BWB later on, having them explain why and how they got to Winterfell/the Wall. So definitely something big going on. Sandor looking into the flames and the dialogue between him, Thoros and Beric seems to suggest these characters have an important role to play, not just a small one. Cleganebowl isn't likely to happen (at least not now) so what could it be? Do you buy the "Sandor is Azhor Ai" theory? Do you think they'll be the ones slaying the Night King? Are they going to be the sacrifice, the characters that die to protect the last remaining Starks during the battle? (I'd love Sandor to have more interactions with Sansa and Arya. He was definitely something close to a protector for them when they were young and weak, and now that they are both learned not to be pawns anymore, this might mean some amazing scenes/dialogues to come). I have my theories, but I wanted to know what you guys think now that we have a new episode to chew on.
  2. ObsessedWithIceAndFire

    [TWOW Spoilers] Miscon reading : two Winds of Winter chapters

    Uncat has no mercy, she does not compromise
  3. ObsessedWithIceAndFire

    [TWOW Spoilers] Miscon reading : two Winds of Winter chapters

    And I think she will choose Jaimie, thus showing once again that he was right and that one can be honorable even if he has to break vows.