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  1. Agree. I also really felt bad for Frank and actually surprisingly very little empathy for Claire until the final scene.
  2. Yes ! You can see this very early on in the first ep when they arrive in Scotland.
  3. Glad to see the thread continuing. I agree with everything you said. I think Frank loves Claire though, or as someone said in previous thread loves the idea of her.
  4. You've pretty much stated all that I feel too. Its not the books , but its still really enjoyable TV. Sure some of the dialogue this season has not been great etc , but its still really watchable. I'm doubting the pregnancy now. I actually loved the look on Brans face during Lf's ' trial' .
  5. I am finding it hard to rate this ep. I quite liked the Jon and Dany scenes, although I'm sick of Danys tude. Can we have her show a teeny bit of humanity ? Olenna was outstanding and Jaime did a wonderful job of conveying a mixture of emotion throughout this scene. Although I'm still mad they butchered his arc so much. I also thought Cersei's monologue was too long. Bran. Ugh I was so looking forward to this reunion but he was a total buzzkill. I get he's the 3ER now but couldn't he show some emotion at finally being back at WF with his family ? For the love of God why did he need to mention Sansa's rape ?! WHY ? If they really had to do that couldn't it have been delivered with some empathy ? I don't get that at all. I enjoyed the Citadel moments. I like that the story is moving along at a good pace, yet something is just not quite right with this, and I don't know if I'm just being nitpicky. I think Ill give it a 7.
  6. Missaworm ! Love it. Yeah that scene really bothered me. A lot. I mean why ?! Minor characters in a scene for that long was both cringey and not needed at this point in the story - for me at least. Agree on the Yara/Ellaria scene. It felt cheap. I gave it an 8 this week. I loved the Arya/Nymeria scene, it made me cry. I was a little disappointed in the dialogue around Myrcella too, and Ellaria's ridiculous response. Other than that overall I pretty much enjoyed this ep.
  7. I gave it a 7. Overall it was ok. - less Dany dialogue was a plus. - Sams scenes went on for way too long. - Didn't agree with Sansa challenging Jon publicly, they could've had that scene play out in private. - Hound scenes were good - Bran. Glad they did a shout out to Howland, hope we see him soon. -Ed Sheeran, ugh. Why ?! - Cercei and Euron, was a bit cringy.
  8. Lol me too ! I was crying throughout that scene. This was a spectacular ep.10 for me. Horribly tragic ending for Tommen. The wildfire expolsion was pretty amazing and horrifying at once. I suspected that was Arya after a few minutes in the Jaime Bronn scene was so happy to see her ....Even the sand snakes scene was tolerable thanks to Olenna.
  9. Yikes .... me too. I was agreeing with another poster about something but that is going on with everyone in the thread sometimes ppl geta bit off topic...... anyways .....
  10. I realise that and I am rating it, isn't that what this thread is about ?
  11. my thoughts exactly in that moment.
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