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  1. princess_snow

    Episode 3 preview

    This is my worry too.
  2. princess_snow

    Outlander II: Sing me a Song...

    Agree. I also really felt bad for Frank and actually surprisingly very little empathy for Claire until the final scene.
  3. princess_snow

    Outlander II: Sing me a Song...

    Yes ! You can see this very early on in the first ep when they arrive in Scotland.
  4. princess_snow

    Outlander II: Sing me a Song...

    Glad to see the thread continuing. I agree with everything you said. I think Frank loves Claire though, or as someone said in previous thread loves the idea of her.
  5. princess_snow

    sansa, arya, and dany

    I really hope we get a scene like this. I also agree with your points on how Sansa and Arya may feel about Dany. Im excited to see the reactions of Bran Sam etc at Winterfell seeing the entourage arrive with Drogon and Rhaegal. Perhaps Bran may play an important role re info to Sansa the Northern Lords and Arya re Dany ? On a side at what point will Jon realise he can ride a dragon ? Who will deliver this important info ..Dany ? I mean at some point there has to be an important meeting about strategies for the War and Nk right ? I hope Jaime is made the Commander.
  6. You've pretty much stated all that I feel too. Its not the books , but its still really enjoyable TV. Sure some of the dialogue this season has not been great etc , but its still really watchable. I'm doubting the pregnancy now. I actually loved the look on Brans face during Lf's ' trial' .
  7. princess_snow

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 704?

    LOVED it. Everything about it. A 10 for me.
  8. princess_snow

    [Poll] How would rate episode 703?

    I am finding it hard to rate this ep. I quite liked the Jon and Dany scenes, although I'm sick of Danys tude. Can we have her show a teeny bit of humanity ? Olenna was outstanding and Jaime did a wonderful job of conveying a mixture of emotion throughout this scene. Although I'm still mad they butchered his arc so much. I also thought Cersei's monologue was too long. Bran. Ugh I was so looking forward to this reunion but he was a total buzzkill. I get he's the 3ER now but couldn't he show some emotion at finally being back at WF with his family ? For the love of God why did he need to mention Sansa's rape ?! WHY ? If they really had to do that couldn't it have been delivered with some empathy ? I don't get that at all. I enjoyed the Citadel moments. I like that the story is moving along at a good pace, yet something is just not quite right with this, and I don't know if I'm just being nitpicky. I think Ill give it a 7.
  9. princess_snow

    How would you rate episode 702?

    Missaworm ! Love it. Yeah that scene really bothered me. A lot. I mean why ?! Minor characters in a scene for that long was both cringey and not needed at this point in the story - for me at least. Agree on the Yara/Ellaria scene. It felt cheap. I gave it an 8 this week. I loved the Arya/Nymeria scene, it made me cry. I was a little disappointed in the dialogue around Myrcella too, and Ellaria's ridiculous response. Other than that overall I pretty much enjoyed this ep.
  10. princess_snow

    How would you rate episode 701?

    I gave it a 7. Overall it was ok. - less Dany dialogue was a plus. - Sams scenes went on for way too long. - Didn't agree with Sansa challenging Jon publicly, they could've had that scene play out in private. - Hound scenes were good - Bran. Glad they did a shout out to Howland, hope we see him soon. -Ed Sheeran, ugh. Why ?! - Cercei and Euron, was a bit cringy.
  11. princess_snow

    Game of Thrones Academic Survey

    Just did it. Good luck !
  12. princess_snow

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 610?

    Lol me too ! I was crying throughout that scene. This was a spectacular ep.10 for me. Horribly tragic ending for Tommen. The wildfire expolsion was pretty amazing and horrifying at once. I suspected that was Arya after a few minutes in the Jaime Bronn scene was so happy to see her ....Even the sand snakes scene was tolerable thanks to Olenna.
  13. Yikes .... me too. I was agreeing with another poster about something but that is going on with everyone in the thread sometimes ppl geta bit off topic...... anyways .....
  14. I realise that and I am rating it, isn't that what this thread is about ?