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  1. lakin1013

    Season 8 Official Trailer

    Does Euron already have the Horn of Joramun, or Sam? If that horn is still missing, it might be easy to just have it hidden in the crypts. I cannot remember what we know about the horn at the end of 7.
  2. lakin1013

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    Who the NK is after is an interesting question. While I tend to believe it is Bran like most everyone else, I do think Arya could have the NK's face, without knowing it. We had numerous close-ups of all the faces on the wall in the House of B&W. Maybe she ended up with one she should not have taken, or did not know who it was. Arya also says ..."I know death. He's got many faces. I look forward to seeing this one." Just an idea that is not Bran, Jon, or Dany.
  3. We have had 5 books and several seasons of television laying the groundwork of Cersei as a difficult, bitter character, on the side of insanity, who will do anything to improve her circumstances or those of her children. Even if the writers want to redeem her, there is too little time to do it well. Due to the many sins of Cersei, it is better for the story line that she die as she lived - selfish, cruel, and earning the death that she gets.
  4. lakin1013

    The third twist

    If there is any pattern to the '3 twists, we know a few things: a. twist characters are not main characters, they tend to be outer circle but characters the readers care about b. all twist characters have directly served or been related to a main character c. so far, both twist characters had child or child-like status d. so far, female, then male. If there is a pattern, the next twist would be a female char or an unsexed char (WW) e. so far, houses involved are Baratheon (Shireen) and Stark (Hodor). Targaryen or Lannister is a likely next guess. ????
  5. lakin1013

    The third twist

    We already knew about the Brotherhood without banners so we already know magic exists. We have Stark kids who can warg. We have seen magic. I would have believed Jon's resurrection without knowing Mel was very old. My case is weak, I agree, but it bothers me that I cannot find any logical link for why Mel is so very old, under her daily face.
  6. lakin1013

    The third twist

    I don't have a fully-baked guess but why do we know that Mel is an ancient woman on the show? To my recollection, we have been give no reason or link to any other storyline. Maybe Mel is the first 'other' wife of the Stark 13th lord commander. Somehow with the help of the God of Fire, Mel turned from other (ice) to fire. Weak I know, but I cannot find a reason to know Mel is a very old woman, except for unknown, un-named magic.
  7. lakin1013

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    Keeping up with the posts here, and the rumors elsewhere, it is beginning to look like the big 5 (Jon, Arya, Sansa, Dany, and Tyrion) all live -- except Dany. Dany is still a likely death, to my way of thinking. Even her mode of transportation dates her :-) If the magic that fuels the NK will be ended, then so will the dragons. I do think the posts about Gendry being seen, and Lyanna Mormont filming supports the idea that a new government will be formed. If Robert Arryn has also been seen, then clearly some type of new political system is being created. If all B plot level characters become legit rulers, the NK is ended, and the Big 5 live, then where is the bittersweet ending? Is anybody else disappointed if this is the way it ends, at least on TV?
  8. lakin1013

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    I had NEVER heard that GRRM initially planned for Dany to live and my world is rocked :-) Jon has already died once, so I thought Dany would die (it would be only fair). We had foreshadowing in that Dany spent time longing for her son, Drogo, and the House with the Red Door. It just seemed right to me. We do know that Jon hated/hates being a bastard. If rumors are true and Dany is pregnant, then either (a) Jon will marry her, then walk away and I do NOT see that happening (b) marry her and die (50/50) (c) or the baby could die. But what about TPtwP? (d) or Dany could die. This one makes sense to me, if there is a baby.
  9. lakin1013

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    Why do you think Maester Aemon would be the dead character, now needed? I keep trying to think about what he might know, and how that would be useful and I keep coming up empty. Unless some Targaryen history to do with Dany and Jon but even then, we have Sam....
  10. lakin1013

    Cersei versus Daenerys

    Being forced to choose between Cersei and Dany, then Dany it is. IRL, I would choose neither. The one person whose entire arc has brought her full circle to 'see' is Sansa. She wanted to live at court, eat lemon cakes, and find love with a handsome knight. The Sansa we have now has learned about artifice, cruelty, and harm, and has an equality and sense of balance about her. I think Sansa would be a better ruler than either Cersei or Dany.
  11. lakin1013

    What is the role of Gendry?

    Since there are only 6 episodes, some of the Gendry theories just cannot be introduced, developed, and wrapped up in so short a time. I do think Martin wrote his characters so that we could see a better future and fairer thinking for Westeros. Arya, Brienne, Dany, and Lyana M. are pushing against the mold for what women can do. Gendry and Jon show us the strength of bloodlines, even while being a bastard. Tyrion shows the value of all life. The point is that we should be left with the strongest, most clear-eyed rulers and each family should be represented. That gives us Sansa, Tyrion, Gendry, and one yet-to-be named Targaryen. Note: The speculation into Gendry's mother being other than Cersei is fascinating, but more for the books. I would vote that Gendry comes from the same lineage as Val. See http://branvras.free.fr/HuisClos/Queen.html for a discussion of guesses about Val's lineage.
  12. From what we know of Jon's history and psychology, he would not can not legitimize himself. Jon always thinks he is unworthy and he needs approval from outside, not within. Tyrion tells him ...'never forget who you are and wear it like armor'. If Jon is made King by acclaim (KoTN) he will accept but he does not have to confidence or tools to do it for himself. That may be how Jon's story ends, when he finds a way to recognize the honor within him.
  13. lakin1013

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    I have to agree. If his sole purpose is to die twice, I will be incredulous. The first death saved Jon so that he could fight the Battle of the Bastards, and to become King of the North (and meet Dany, and maybe make a Dany/Jon baby). Clearly, Jon has another purpose, to do with the NightKing and TPTWP. It makes sense that TPTWP would be the Dany/Jon baby. But what is Jon's real reason for meeting the NightKing again? Sharper minds have outlined book themes and from them, decided Jon's fate. For me, it is simpler. Which character captured my interest and my heart. For me, Jon and Arya need to live.
  14. lakin1013

    why was Ladystoneheart cut out

    We now know for certain that LS will not appear in the show (or with 6 eps left, it is highly unlikely) and we have been told by GRRM that she will have continued life in the books. IMHO, LS was a step too far in the supernatural category. I loved her in the book but a tv show that already gives us dragons, and smoke babies, and magic, and warging - LS just takes it too far. I can read about her in the books but not in the show.
  15. lakin1013

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    Thanks for all of your posts. We are all reading these hoping our favorite characters live. Here's hoping for Jon.