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  1. lakin1013

    What is the role of Gendry?

    Blood lines. I always thought that Gendry is the last Baratheon and was on the show to carry the blood line. Martin is a world builder supreme and he clearly has ideas about the characters we have left and how the future might look. At the current moment, we have key characters who are Starks, Lannisters, Baratheons. Mormonts, and of course Targaryens. How these characters come shaped by their personal genetic lines, and altered by their life experiences, lead to a world built NOT on an iron throne. There are only so many episodes left so I do not think Gendry will play much more than a supporting role, perhaps get Storms End, and I see him marrying Sansa (because I personally believe Arya dies) Tinfoil Note: I also cling to the theory that Gendry is, in fact, the one true child of a Robert/Cersei union. I find the thought the Cersie produced a good child with Robert to be delightful.
  2. lakin1013

    The Seven Blessings of 707

    My 7 Blessings in no particular order (and I thought in terms of natural elements) 1. Fire - Dany and Drogon arriving at the Dragon Pit, with the dragon spewing fire, announcing a Targaryen. 2. Snow - Jaime off on a path toward redemption, with snow covering his footsteps behind him, as if to say he cannot go back because his path is gone. 3. Water- Commonly the symbol of rebirth, we see Jon on the water, giving himself to another while we are hearing who Jon was born to be. 4. Blood - The satisfying blood of LittleFinger in payment for his many betrayals. 5. Kinship: Seeing the 3 Starks together in the meeting hall, after so long apart, and so many hardships and trials. 6. Ice - Watching the Zombie Viserion blow 'ice' onto the magic wall and cause it to fall while in the same episode we watch Drogon blast dragon fire, The heat of life against the cold of death. 7. Love - Jon and Dany.
  3. Just for an opposing side -- I am not invested in seeing Dany get the throne that she CONSTANTLY claims is hers, and I think the idea that someone else has a better claim is quite the comeuppance to Ms. 27 Titles. Frankly, I don't think Jon wants the throne but he does have the better claim, in fact he was born for it. And died for it. The fact that you indicated we have no reason to want to see is your opinion. Not mine.
  4. I would argue that the entire plot was placed into the viewers' hands to force them to create the story. As a viewer, I had to assume other conversations happened between Sansa and Arya about LF. I had to decide that Arya sneaking around was already discussed with Sansa. I had to imagine a conversation among Bran, Sansa, and Arya about how best to do LF in. I am perfectly okay with LF being dead but I also did considerable creative work on that plotline as I had to establish support for the logic. That is very poor writing. If your audience have to create scenes to make the plot work, you are not doing a very good job as a show writer.
  5. I see your point but I cannot get there. Sansa did not bring down LF by herself, she needed coaxing from her little sister. For all we know, from Bran too. I know her approach is a type of leadership, its just a type I don't care for. As I remember, she didn't kill sweetrobin, did she? She just kept him doped up, right?
  6. Love can make fools of us, if we let it. But what happened when they realized what they had done? I do not care how cozy their sweet tower and totally cool honeymoon was, they had to know that they had ripped up their known world. On the other hand, we are arguing something that has no answer. We cannot know. A book would be nice :-)
  7. Here is the troubling part. The book/show tells us that Lyanna was willful and impulsive and strong and beautiful. Also a Stark, which prolly means she was honest and direct. The book/show tells us Rhaegar was loved and revered by his people, kind, thoughtful, and musical. So, how is it that these two ran away to get married, then let the entire world go to hell, bring war, and the deaths of many, many good people. Either Rhaegar and Lyanna were not the good people that have been shown to us, or there is some other reason for the war that we do not yet know.
  8. Ultimately, I wished that Sansa had been the one to kill LF. Yet again, Sansa uses other people to do the work, and keep her hands clean. If I remember rightly, she has harmed nobody in the show. I am glad LF is dead, and glad that it appeared that the 3 Stark children worked together. I just always end up wishing that Sansa had more agency.
  9. lakin1013

    That look on Tyrion's face

    Somehow, Tyrion may know about who Jon actually is. Could be a raven or could be old stories. Even LF seemed to indicate that there was something more worth knowing about Rhaegar and Lyanna. No reason why Tyrion could not know it too. Up to this point, he has watched Jon and Dany but now it has moved beyond his control and this is going to cause problems.
  10. Having read all the posts seeming to imply that only stupid idiots would like this episode, alas, I liked this episode. As a book reader, it comes nowhere close. But there is no book. There is this show and I really liked what happened. I actually would give it a 9 but since it is the last one, I gave it the only 10 this season. Characters acted pretty much as they should. I liked LF being outed, but I wish Sansa had killed him. As I think of it, has Sansa killed anyone???? I liked all 3 Starks at the meeting hall. Knowing that Cersei was acting in concert with Euron, without Jaime's knowledge, pretty much tells us the baby is Euron's (if there is a baby at all). Jaime leaving on his own let us hope that he is finding his own way to rightness. Jon didn't lie because he just doesn't, Ned 2.0 doesn't lie. Theon's attempts to reclaim himself were appreciated and I hope he saves Yara. Jon and Dany was pretty well done. The filming was not so tight that we had to see every expression but we did get Jon's face with Bran was telling us that we were looking at the true claimant to the throne. The one moment that gave me pause was Tyrion outside the hall in the boat, knowing (I guess) that Jon and Dany were together. Was he sad because he loves Dany or was he happy that his 'secret' plan (jon and dany marrying) is working out or was it something else entirely? 10.
  11. lakin1013

    [Spoilers] EP707 Discussion

    I know this is ridiculous, but I feel so sorry for Jon. He soooo loves and admires Ned and we know that soon he is going to discover that all that he believes is untrue.
  12. lakin1013

    Jon and Daeneris

    You are right. Imagine you discover that the father you worship, is not your father. The family you love is not your family. The name you wish you had, all of your life up to now, is not your name. The future you imagined for yourself is not your future. And out of all the women in the world, you have slept (maybe) with your aunt. AND you are the only person with the one, true claim on the throne. That is a whole lotta psychdrama to wade through. The show is limited, in terms of time, but if I were Jon, I would be furious and betrayed. And this may be the impediment to any future relationship with Dany. Jon has Ned's honor code, no matter what. Ned lost his head and Jon may not allow himself to love Dany. It really stinks to be Jon, plot armor and all.
  13. lakin1013

    Jon and Daeneris

    When Jon said "Dany' I actually wondered if it was a take with an error in it. The director would have called for another try but re-watched the scene and decided it seemed authentic.
  14. lakin1013

    What is the role of Gendry?

    I agree with Gendry being legitimized but why do we need to wait for Dany? Jon is King in the North. He can legitimize Gendry whenever he wants to.
  15. lakin1013

    We had seen the javelin before...

    I haven't yet composed a full answer to if the WWs are adaptive beings, BUT your comment about their physical arrangement reminded me immediately of the spiral patterns we have seen before, most recently in the cave on Dragonstone. I think those cave drawings are the first we have seen indicating that the children and man and the WWs experienced time and conflict together. Looking at spirals, if the WW 'Captains' are in the tighter part of the spiral, that would be safer than the wights would be on the streaming tails. But have we seen the WWs or any other use of the spiral patterns? I had forgotten the Meera scene, ty for the reminder.