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  1. Every time I think I am done ranting, I have to come back. As I think about various parts of the finale, I realize that it makes no sense and I return here to post my problem. I do not believe Bran should be King, and if I have to, then I conceive of Bran as an evil King. Bran tells Tyrion that he wants nothing, he says "I don't want". Yet, later at the 3 Stooges Council, after nominated as King, Bran says 'why do you think I came all this way?" So Bran must want. He wants so much that he organized things to happen in a particular way, watched friends die, and showed up for his coronation. That is the only way to make sense. If we argue that Bran wants nothing and simply watched events unfold, then why does he say -- why do you think I came all this way? The sentence connotes expectation, an expectation to be met. Why does Bran have an expectation, if he wants nothing. Now I know why Bran told Sam he had to tell Jon about his claim to the throne. Bran needed Jon to tell Dany, cause Dany to worry about her claim, put distance in their relationship, stop intimacy as we saw, and tip Dany off the edge - all because Bran wanted to be King. Or nothing at the 3 Stooges Council made sense and this is just one rant among many. If you go character by character, that council made little to no sense at all. And D&D are passing off that crap as a finale. We did we ever do to them?
  2. Tyrion (I think it was Tyrion) while sentencing Jon to his punishment at Castle Black, says that there always has to be a place for bastards and broken men. Jon is neither a bastard nor broken. Why does Jon have to return to Castle Black and be considered a bastard and/or broken. * *I preferred Jon, who never wanted to be king, to return to the North where it seemed he was happiest. But I wanted it to be his choice, not a punishment by his peers, whose lives he saved.
  3. Recently Martin said that The Winds of Winter will have UNICORNS. Really? I know it is a fantasy but we already have dragons, direwolves, and unseen ice spiders. We don't really need unicorns, we need the book. And the idea of totally fanciful unicorns scares me, like the book is moving from fantasy to a pre-teen fantasy romance. Maybe Martin was kidding.
  4. And one of the 3 determining Tyrion's fate was his legal WIFE. The concept of fairness did not accompany the incursion of Starbucks into Westeros.
  5. For those who did not notice the cars the first time (right side, far back)
  6. My first thought, seeing this teaser -was that if this wolf/dog is in this show, viewers will never see it again after the first viewing.
  7. I just checked that GoT petition and it is almost 1.5 million signers. Say what you want about the value or worth, a million and a half people (almost) have put their names on it. That is a lot of disappointed, angry people.
  8. How this Sansa demand for Northern independence was allowed into the scene is beyond me. BEYOND ME. Anybody watching a rehearsal would point out that if one country was going to get independence, then they would ALL want it. They left it in because if the director doesn't notice the water bottles, why would he/she notice the obvious. And did it strike anybody else that each representative seemed to get one vote at the council but the Starks got 3 votes. And why was that? Too stoopid.
  9. The water bottle. Surely someone has brought up the water bottle. Coupled with the Starbucks cup of last week, D&Ds indifference to the viewer is totally insulting.
  10. You mean the totally beat-up, tired, and on their 3rd war unsullied? What if the council said we will gather up ALL of our forces and your men will die?
  11. This is such an interesting comment. I have hungered for the books for so long that I never considered not wanting it/them. I have the story in my head now married to the imperfect HBO conclusion. With a few tweaks, I can come away with perfection and I don't need Martin at all. For example, my perfect ending was Jon in the North, free. I just would have preferred it be Jon's choosing, and not because the council had to make Greyworm happy (why did the council have to make Greyworm happy???) But all I have to do is take all of Martin's books, tweak the HBO show, and I come away with a perfect series. Wonder if Martin's sales will suffer from the HBO product, or by others believing they have the ending?
  12. 5. The actors and the technical professionals did a great job. The story, that is a different matter. If I understand the decisions of the ?council? the Starks rule everything. Sansa rules the North, Jon will rule the far north free folk, Mance 2.0, and Bran rules everything else. And the council sat there and said ok. If this is the finale, then why do I still have questions: 1. The death symbol with Ned Umber - what does that mean? 2. The CoTF symbols in the cave - what does that mean? 3. Wherever else we have seen that symbol (Battle of the Bastards, maybe), WHAT does it mean? 4. The direwolves - what is their importance to the story, and why warging? 5. What about Mel's azur ahai/Prince that was Promised? What does that mean? 6. Who is Lightbringer? (if not in the show, I apologize for this one) 7. I have no problem with Jon's ending, in fact I wanted it to happen, but NOT under disgrace. The actions of Jon let the very council sit there and become. He, and he alone, killed Dany, then wept with the dragon. Why is he being punished, why did his brother and sisters allow that? 8. Why did Tyrion twist Jon's arm to kill Dany, then when Jon asks if he has done the right thing, Tyrion says ask me in 10 years. WHA? 9. Why did Dany say she wanted to free all the men, women, and children from tyranny, after killing every man, woman, and child in Kings Landing? 10. When did Bran become a sarcastic smurker? That's why I came? What, he can see the future and put his family repeatedly at risk of death so he could be King? Branbot wins the big game????
  13. I found the finale to be horribly unsatisfying. I am watching nice costumes, lovely music, great scenery with Dany saying that she did it all for the men, women, and children that still need to be saved. WHAT? Then why did you JUST kill all the men. women, and children in KL? WHY? I have more to rave but it is like watching a show where everything in place, but the words have no vowels and somebody is hoping we don't notice.
  14. Using critical thinking on an entertainment product is very difficult for some folks. Usually, it can be found in several groups: the uncritical viewers, the passive viewers, the optimistic viewers, and the angry viewers, as in how-dare-they criticize. Some viewers will not apply critical analysis to a media product, usually a book but in this case, a tv show. They will sit down to watch whatever is offered. It would not occur to them to think about what they watched. It is enough. Passive viewers watch whatever they are given, accept it, and if it was entertainment, they claim to be entertained. The optimistic viewers firmly go with the 'if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all'. The optimists will think it is disloyal and unfair to analyze, dissect, or criticize. This argument would go something like -- they tried their best and nobody is perfect. Finally, the combination type will get very angry at people who critically analyze a show and discuss the flaws. Often these people will tell you that you did not truly understand the complex nature of the show, or that you were not paying sufficient attention, or that you are not up to the task. Critical thinking seems to be in short supply the world over so I recommend we all use it, regularly.
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