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  1. Greenmonsterff

    So...what was the final WTF moment ?

    Has to be Jon killing Dany.
  2. Greenmonsterff

    Now that is Over - Let's rank best and worst!

    I won’t make a top and bottom 5, but I’ll point out some favorite things and not so good things. Loved the casting for several characters probably Tyrion was the most important role to cast properly. I can’t imagine anyone else. And if they got a bad Tyrion, the show would not have worked. I also thought Cersei was excellent. Joffrey, The Hound, Melisandre, Sam, Jaime, and I’m sure more that I left out. On the flip side, there were some casting decisions I wasn’t as happy with. Jon was the biggest one. Also Rob, Littlefinger, Stannis, and Bran. Loved the buildup, the character and story development. Loved learning the history and lore of Westeros. Hated the end. All the buildup for not much payoff. All the foreshadowing and then it just fell flat at the end. Loved the costumes and the banners and the castles, horses, dragons, White Walkers. It all felt genuine. Never felt cartoonish or ridiculous. Loved the twists. Ned’s death, Red wedding, Purple wedding, Hodor, Viper death match Too much more to list. I could go on forever
  3. Greenmonsterff

    Arya the Explorer

    Totally out of left field. D U M B dumb.
  4. I’m 100% with you on Bran being the king. It feels completely wrong. He’s supposed to be some kind of magical inhuman creature. Definitely not the King of the SIX Kingdoms. What happened to the part about the Night King and 3eyed raven being in a multi century long feud? Everything about Bran is wrong. It’s stupid.
  5. Greenmonsterff

    Your favorite individual acting performance

    In the series or just this episode? Clarke and Dinklage stole this episode. But, Heady gets the win for the series, IMHO.
  6. Greenmonsterff

    I really like what Drogon did but...

    Why can’t Drogon know about Dany’s throne obsession? He’s been with her literally his entire life and it’s all she ever talks about. Just because the dragon can’t speak doesn’t mean he doesn’t understand words.
  7. Greenmonsterff

    Did Bran know all the time he is the future king?

    How about this? No, Bran cannot see the future. However, Bran from the future goes back and changes the past (what we are experiencing as the present) to change events for the better.
  8. Greenmonsterff

    The vision in House of the Undying was real

    Very inconsistent with visions and prophecies. No valanqor. Who was the third head of the dragon? PTWP?
  9. Greenmonsterff

    Jon & Drogon

    Lol. Make up your damn mind. Now, you’ve got me questioning it, too. I liked your first point. And now I like the second point, too. But, Drogon could have known what needed to be done and then still been upset when it actually went down. Reality set in.
  10. Greenmonsterff

    Daenerys’s death should have been the end

    I guess it’s in the eye of the beholder. Because this story, the song of Ice and Fire, for me was about Jon and Daenerys.
  11. Greenmonsterff

    Jon & Drogon

    That’s a brilliant observation. Hadn’t occurred to me. But, I think you are right. He looked Jon in the eye and then let him do what needed to be done.
  12. Greenmonsterff

    Arya is Azor Ahai

    I was hoping when Tyrion found Cersei that somehow Jaime’s hand would be around her throat.
  13. I would much have preferred to spend more time developing the fall of Dany and Jon’s decision to assassinate her than the extended epilogue after her death. It all felt very anticlimactic. It went out with a whimper instead of a roar. I really would rather not know what happened to all the other characters than know that they had an ending that everyone hates.
  14. Sam should have been Lord Tarley. His ending makes no sense. All of the story about Gilley is just wasted now. Very disappointing.
  15. Greenmonsterff

    Your predictions vs what actually happened

    I predicted Jon killing Dany. I also predicted Jon would be King. Predicted Arya would go East, not West and become an assassin. Those are really all that I cared enough about to predict. One out of three is a decent batting average. Basically, all of the other endings for characters I didn’t predict and was pretty, pretty, pretty disappointed with, except for Sansa and Brienne. And some of them felt like they came out of left field. Sam should not have been Grand Maester. Bronn should not have been master of coin. And worst of all, Bran as King just seems stupid as fuck. Why would future tree man be King?