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  1. I would have loved a dark ending. Either have the White Walker conquer mankind and destroy humanity or reveal that whoever is left ruling is an uncover WW. Like have Bran sitting on the new throne and his eyes all of a sudden his eyes go blue. Roll the credits.
  2. Except he’s a terrible choice for king. He’s not even Bran anymore. He’s the 3 eyed raven. Is he even a human? I thought he was a magical creature who would merge with a tree one day. I would rather have had Edmure.
  3. Are you familiar with layman’s terms or are you one of this forum’s amateur or authentic psychiatrists? Lol. She lost her temper and killed people. OP called it a “snap.” People have been known to go into a rage and kill people, literally hundreds of times, probably more like thousands depending on how far back into history you want to go.
  4. The “snap” was, in layman’s terms, simply a temper tantrum. I would not say that Daenerys has gone mad, as in schizophrenic. I would say she has anger issues. She has been shown to suffer enormous loss in both lives and love. And after having completely decimated the enemy forces, decides she’s not done yet. She REALLY wants these MFs to pay. Is temporary insanity still a thing? I know we’ve got some amateur psychiatrists on here, maybe even some professionals. She lost her cool. She went fucking crazy, obviously, if only for an hour. Nobody would burn down hundreds of thousands of innocents after they had surrendered who was thinking clearly. But, maybe she will think differently when she calms down. Have none of you ever lost your temper before? Stubbed your toe and wanted to go Hulk on the world? Got cut off in traffic and wanted to choke some stranger and curse his entire family? This is irrational anger manifested. Perhaps a type of madness, but much different than hallucinations, both auditory and visual. She just happens to be sitting on the most destructive weapon in the world when she goes off.
  5. So, it wasn’t an allegory for climate change, but an allegory for mass shootings instead! I joke, I kid. Sorry. Couldn’t pass that one up.
  6. Very, very disappointed with both Cersei’s and Jaime’s deaths. Neither deserved to die in the arms of their lover. After all the evil shit from Cersei, I wanted her to suffer. And Jaime was a little bitch running back into her arms like that. Weak, weak. He was supposed to have changed.
  7. I appreciate the recommendations. I’ve seen a few and definitely prefer GOT over them, but I guess we all have different tastes. I really like Better Call Saul, but I would rate it a solid 7, and I’d never imagine getting on a message board to discuss it with other fans. Westworld’s first season was great, but I never finished watching season two. I was bored with China and safari world. And I wanted to like Daredevil, but there was just too many things going on. It seemed to lack focus. I’ll make sure to check out the rest. Thanks again.
  8. It has been very rushed for the last two seasons. I don’t think they could afford to keep all the actors together any longer and the CG budget was through the roof. But, like I said, it’s still better than 100% of everything else.
  9. Jesus, looking at the ratings and reading the reviews, I don’t know why some of you even bother to watch. Gluttons for punishment, I guess. I loved it. It’s OK that it’s not a Shakespearean tragedy for me. Or true to GRRM gospel. It’s great entertainment. I would challenge the critics to find something better to watch. And let me know what it is. I really do want to know. I’m always looking for a good show.
  10. What?! Sounds more like you have a crush. Cersei looked very regal and villainous. Dany, as well.
  11. Jon would never give away Ghost. That was total BS. . . Dany got screwed a whole bunch of ways tonight. First, nobody really likes her despite her being key to the WW defeat, Jon tells his family the Aegon secret five minutes after he tells her not to, Rhaegal is murdered, then Missandei. She’s right to be losing her religion. . . Was Varys saying he wanted to kill Dany? . . . Arya and Hound on the road again was poetic.
  12. Methinks he was doing much more than warging ravens. I bet there is more information coming from Bran about it soon.
  13. I think Bran and Arya were somehow in cahoots. He went into white eye mode for a long time, and just came out when NK was a few feet away to tell Theon he was a good boy, etc. He had to have been working something out to help save the day.
  14. Sorry if this has already been asked, I’m not reading 400 comments to find it. Right before Arya shows up to kill Night King there’s a close up of Bran looking at NK and then looking down like something caught his eye. Then NK turns head sideways like a confused dog. Camera goes to random WW who also looks like something else has caught his attention. Then flying Arya comes in with the failed kill shot that accidentally actually became the kill shot. Was everyone being distracted by Arya’s arrival or was this in slow motion or what?
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