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  1. To each their own. Perhaps bet on the survival of Greyworm 4 weeks ago and now they are millionaires. If that were the case, I would give them a 10 too.
  2. Well an end of an era. I vote it as a 7. It could have been worse. It is a pity that, after describing every feast in Westeros, they had to rush so much to cover everything in the last season. I always thought that was going to haunt GRRM too. Now, I just hope for GRRM not to finish the books as they are perfect in my head. I gave it a 7 because for me all these years reading the books first and watching the show it was always about the Starks, and that is the way it finished. I didn´t care about Westeros, Dany or Cersei, we began with the Starks and we finish with them. It is sort of poetic. I discounted 3 points because of the rush, the where are Meera and Drogon subplots and all the camera travelings, long silences, big words, blank stares, and just bad writing and editing. I want to thank everyone involved for sometimes making life easier and, if there is ever any other book, I will come here to comment on it. Until then, thanks for all those years of fun (both D&D, ugh and GRRM)
  3. First I want to say, people in reddit have signaled that ghost survived and can be seen in the 0:18 mark of the new preview near the dothraki pyre. I gave it a 4. Great television but just plain dumb for me. I get this is a tv show, but is Arya Azhor Ahai? What about the prophecies? Only dispatching secondary characters in the main battle? The final batttle is going to be Cersei? The North is going to bend its knee to a queen that did nothing in the whole battle when it was a Stark the one who killed the NK? I just don't get it and think they don't have enough time to explain it to me. The best part by far for me this episode was the not today quote.
  4. Never thought I would post a comment again. The Stark reunion I have been craving for years has been lackluster but the rendition of jenny of oldstone by florence and the machine is awesome (i have watched it like ten times in a row with the rendition of rains of castamere by the nationals). I didn´t like the arya scene but it links her to her humanity. Sansa and Theon, little not shireen and Brienne and Jaimie, even Bran. As I have always hated Dany, and her chapters are the most boring ones, this episode has been on character. And after all those years of the R+L=J I am bored of Jon Snow.
  5. I haven´t entered the forum since 2012. Well done Home, well done

  6. For me is a 9,5 out of 10. I understand the plot holes Linda remarks in her synopsis but it has been such a huge episode because after 5 years waiting for GRRM to write WoW this episode has given me hope. Hope in the end of the series. the episode itself has some plot holes that I hope would be addressed in the future (Jon´s resurrection and roose death were too "easy") but overall visually spectacular and really fast paced.
  7. I rate it as a 5 meh. I didn´t like Renly´s death because of what could have been. What happened with Loras grievance? and it was like done and to another place. I just hope they do justice to Winterfell and Theon´s history And I didn´t like Tywin and Arya´s interaction. Don´t get me wrong I don´t have problems with the books being changed but I think this is not Arya. She is frightened in Harrenhal at first and subtely she is being changed from a sheep to a ghost to a mortal no-one killer. And you can understand her evolution from a helpless girl to a girl with a hole in her heart. But as she wasn´t frightened to Tywin and to stare him like that. She is not that Arya in Harrenhal, she has still plenty to lose. She is still frightened
  8. mermer


    Hi, my name´s is Maria and I´m spanish, I have been reading this forum for months or years, and I have even posted two or three times without knowing this thread existed. My sister has been trying to make me read the asoiaf books for ages (and i have been ignoring her and calling her freak) but when i saw the first chapter of the HBO tv show I knew I had to. So now I´m an addict and I´ve read the 5 books (except fort danaerys chapters of ADWD), the sample chapters of TWoW, and reread AGoT and SoS (my favorite ones). Please feel free to point out my writing mistakes, as english is not my first languaje. Thank you everyone for making this forum such an enjoyable place (if i can say that I mean if it really exists in engish) Edited to correct mistakes
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