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  1. JA and Stannis were snooping into the parentage of Cersei's children. JA suddenly dies. Stannis flees to Dragonstone. Makes sense to me. Renly left KL when naive Eddard didn't take up the offer. Contrary to what readers and Stannis think, King Bob gave Stannis the Fleet and Dragonstone. That is a task that takes a seasoned man. This is irrelevant. Stannis is cold and calculating. He tried to retire Cressen. Cressen did not want to be retired. Stannis was not going to kick Cressen to the curb, though. I am not disputing that Mel sees threats to her life in her fires. What I am suggesting is that Mel used her powders and potions, as described in DwD, to influence her targeted audience. Mel is not all powerful and martin has written a story that is as of yet incomplete. I might have some spelling errors in here. Maybe left out a word or two.---- I'm not in the mood to correct them. If Stannis burns Shireen, I think Davos would leave Stannis's service. I dunna think that Stannis will be responsible for Shirleen's death. That is if indeed Shireen does die.
  2. Dude/dudette I have been bombarded by LV. I seem to remember when some of the Rhaloo's in DwD were yapping Stannis said --- pray harder. Give me some time to chit chat with LV and I will look for the Stannis pray harder quote.
  3. Clegane'sPup

    Rickon will ride unicorn into the battle

    I jest. Of course Rickon will ride a unicorn into battle. After Davos finds Rickon, Osha & Shaggy on Skaggos they get back on the ship that will transport the unicorns and the Skaggs across the Bay of Seals back to White Harbor. Discover Manderly is gone. There will confusion as to whether Manderly went to Barrowton or WF. The the troop will have to make an executive decision as to what to do next. They may confer with Wex.
  4. I dunna know about that LV. Stannis & JA were snooping into the parentage of the Queens offspring. Then JA dies rather strangely. Stannis fled KL. I have brought this up before ---- in DwD martin reveals Mel has a chest of potions & powders ---- my take on it is that Mel used some of those potions & powders on Stannis. Stannis himself is unclear about the death of Renly. Yes, Stannis did send Davos on a mission to sneak Mel into SE. I am treated to Davos watching the birth of Mel's shadow baby that appears to Davos as the image of Stannis. Appears to me since Stannis in DwD has been out of Mel's reach for a while he has reverted back to Stannis as he was written in the CoK prologue.
  5. Clegane'sPup

    Greywater Watch

    I was tossing out ideas and what I discovered. You may be correct --- if Greywater Watch is stationary, why can’t ravens find it? Invaders are a different ball of wax. Try marching your heavily armed knights and their horses through a swamp or bog.
  6. Clegane'sPup

    a request to the "Melders"

    Opinion --- individuals want to make theories. Since 2016 all that is available is the thing that cannot be mentioned in the book forum. Opinion ----- individuals are influenced by what they have watched. Opinion ---- individuals sometimes need to be reminded that what they saw is not what they read.
  7. Clegane'sPup

    Greywater Watch

    I have envisioned the lands of the Neck to be something akin to the USA Louisiana bayou. I had not heard of crannogs before reading this story. I did a bit of googling and discovered that the Scots have done some archeological digs and found houses built on stilts: http://www.crannog.co.uk/ When trying to figure out how Greywater Watch moves I came upon the idea of houseboats. Scoff if you want. For me it was quite interesting that people actually built and lived upon multi-level flat bottom boats in areas of the US.
  8. In order for Stannis to give consent for Shireen to be burned, Stannis must be present, unless people are communicating by ravenmail. As it stands Stannis is at a crofters village. Stannis told Massey should he die Massey is to see to it Stannis' daughter is to sit the throne. Either Stannis returns to the Wall or Mel, Selyse and Shireen leave CB to seek out Stannis. As of the end of DwD the only implied threat against Shireen has been made by a wildling/free folk. Are you suggesting that Stannis is successful in the cleaning of WF? That Stannis returns to the Wall. That in the face of the Other and their minions onslaught that Mel convinces Stannis to burn his one and only heir? Mel's box of potions and powders is running low. Stannis never really bought what Mel was selling. Now that Stannis has been distanced from Mel and her potions & powders Stannis seems to be Stannis. Why did martin in DwD tell his readers about Mel's stash if not to expose her as a fake & fraud: "Her sleeves were full of hidden pockets, and she checked them carefully as she did every morning to make certain all her powders were in place. Powders to turn fire green or blue or silver, powders to make a flame roar and hiss and leap up higher than a man is tall, powders to make smoke. A smoke for truth, a smoke for lust, a smoke for fear, and the thick black smoke that could kill a man outright. The red priestess armed herself with a pinch of each of them." Shireen may die in WoW or DoS but I dunna see Stannis doing or being part of the deed.
  9. Clegane'sPup

    Small Questions v. 10105

    How is it that a poster who joined the site in 2014 can view my profile and have no (zero) content count yet they them self have had recent (March) profile visitors with a total of 822 views? Edit: debated whether to provide the name @Forum Walker
  10. Clegane'sPup

    Meanwhile back at the Wall

    Agree. Thanks for bringing the quote about the number if men Stannis left behind at CB.
  11. Clegane'sPup

    Meanwhile back at the Wall

    Hey, thanks for the research. Appreciate it. This is where other poster input comes in handy. Five books and a lot of information to remember or forget. I was not suggesting you were incorrect. I didn’t know how many men were involved. From what you gathered there are approximately 598 NW men total from the three manned NW castles involved in the vote for the choosing for the new LC. Thanks. I’m thinking NW men from Eastwatch and Shadow Tower converged on CB for the choosing of the new LC in SoS. Do we agree? After the choosing, the men from Eastwatch and Shadow Tower presumably return to their places of duty. Interestingly when I went back to browse the Sam & Jon chapters in SoS I rediscovered the NW did defend CB with 40 men against 120 wildlings. A Storm of Swords - Jon VI "There's no time. There are wildlings south of the Wall, coming up from Queenscrown to open the gate." "How many?" Noye half-carried Jon out the door. "A hundred and twenty, and well armed for wildlings. Bronze armor, some bits of steel. How many men are left here?" "Forty odd," said Donal Noye. "The crippled and infirm, and some green boys still in training." "If Marsh is gone, who did he name as castellan?"/ I’m not being persnickety with numbers due to martin’s ambiguous writing style. What I was trying to discuss in the opening post was ---- now that the wildlings/free folk have passed through the gate at CB they have the advantage especially since LC Snow is indisposed. I’m not trying to prove a point or theory. I’m suggesting that martin will need to in one way or another address in WoW the chaos that breaks out after LC Snow is tenderized. Then again, perhaps there will be no chaos at the Wall and all gather round to sing kumbaya, or not.
  12. I was being snarky. My comedy failed.
  13. Clegane'sPup

    will the wildlings burn Shireen?

    Agree. In order for Stannis to give consent to burn is daughter and heir either Stannis arrives back at the Wall or Mel, Selyse & Shireen leave CB and go in search of Stannis. Unless you are suggesting Stannis gives consent by ravenmail. Stannis was clear when he told Massey that should Stannis die Massey was to do what was necessary to seat seat his daughter on the throne. As to the opening post ----will the wildlings burn Shireen ---- if Shireen dies --- yes.
  14. I agree. Said it on page two. Are you saying Davos is co-dependent?