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  1. Yeah, that was weird. If it also turns out to be a hint, I will be pretty excited about that casting as well, but I'll start worrying that B&W are listening to us too much. :)
  2. What if "purists" had been used instead of geek/nerd/dork? Hopefully, Benioff and Weiss will give ear to all advisors, including this board. But if the show is made FOR and/or by purists, I'm pretty sure it will fail. I will like it, probably a lot, but as a TV adaptation with hopes of a 2nd season, it would probably fail. Mr. Martin has said the pilot script is faithful, and that's good enough for me. But I suspect there are some here who will be disappointed.
  3. With regards to Sansa's flowering, if she is presented as older for the TV series (say starting at 15 or 16 instead), I suspect you will see any reference to her first flowering dropped. No mattress burning scene, no mention of it later, etc. For some, this is the logical change necessitated by aging the characters, which may in turn be needed for all the reasons given before. For others, I'm sure this will seem like heresy and reason to decry any adaptation being made at all.
  4. It's great to have the execs on the board, even if just for skimming the many many responses they will get. Jon Favreau created a board on Myspace to interact with fans re: the Iron Man movie. That project seems to have gone well. Welcome, Benioff and Weiss!
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